5 great jogging routes in Shanghai

Our favourite Puxi jogging routes for you to step to it

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Route one - Suzhou Creek to Jingan

Try this 4km route for a fairly straightforward run that takes you to quiet riverside stretches and back to bustling Jingan via one of Shanghai’s lesser known parks


1 Head out of Exit 1 at Xinzha Lu metro station (Line 1) and cross the bustling Xinzha Lu itself towards Suzhou Creek and the bridge ahead. Don’t cross, but instead turn left at the foot of the bridge onto the creekside walkway.

2 After a few yards, head into the adjacent Jiuzi Park, full of statues of childhood games, blossoming trees and old men tending to birds in cages. Take time to run a circuit of this tucked away treasure of a park.

3 Back on the riverside path, head west along the creekside Nan Suzhou Lu until the road nips under Hengfeng Lu and becomes Kangding Dong Lu.

4 Pass antique stores and hole-in- the-wall treasure troves selling general curios before turning right onto Taixing Lu, which eventually rejoins Xi Suzhou Lu beside the water.

5 Head north until you reach Anyuan Lu, where you can swing a left and take this street for several blocks until you reach the striking Jade Buddha Temple.

6 From here, the streets are starting to get busier – head directly southwards on Jiangning Lu, which will deliver you back into the hustle and bustle of central Jingan.

Route two - Jiaotong University to Luwan Stadium

Just going round one running track can prove boring – so why not try two? This 7km route takes in two of Xuhui’s central sports grounds


1 Start at the entrance to Jiaotong University’s Xuhui campus on Huaihai Xi Lu, just past Exit 4 of Jiaotong University metro station (Lines 10 and 11).

2 Once you’re past the security gates swing left and jog round the university’s leafy perimeter, until you reach the running track opposite the basketball court.

3 After doing a few laps of the track, it’s time for your next running ground. Exit the university the way you came in, and head east along Huaihai Zhong Lu. This stretch is busy, but you aren’t going far; after about 300m turn right at Wanping Lu (where Dongbei Four Seasons Dumpling King sits on the corner).

4 One block south, swing east onto Kangping Lu, and when you reach the junction with Gaoan Lu (just beside Shanghai Library), bear south along Gaoan Lu until you reach Hengshan Lu.

5 Diagonally off to your left is the entrance to Yongjia Lu; take Yongjia Lu straight over four junctions until you reach the crossroads with Jiashan Lu. Turn south on Jiashan Lu and continue for one block, until Jianguo Xi Lu.

6 From here it’s a short hop east to Luwan Stadium at 135 Jianguo Lu, sandwiched between Jianguo and Zhaojiabang Lus. One of the most popular running tracks in town due to its central location, the Stadium’s track regularly plays host to runners, joggers and walkers of all ages and abilities.

Route three - Central Xuhui to Xujiahui Park

Xujiahui Park is an enormous, pleasant green space on the edge of the former French Concession. This 6km run takes you there via some of Xuhui’s quieter streets


1 Start at the junction of Anfu Lu and Wukang Lu, heading south down the latter, away from the busy streets.

2 Keep going south through treelined streets and fabulous period architecture; stick to the left of the street after crossing the junction with Fuxing Lu in order to avoid the enormous ice-cream queues outside WIYF at 202.

3 Keep heading south until you hit Huaihai Zhong Lu; cross carefully and bear left onto Yuqing Lu.

4 Yuqing Lu is a jogger’s dream; the road is largely deserted, the pavements are broad and attractive, and it leads straight down to the greenery of Xujiahui Park.

5 One of the best options on arrival at the park is to jog around the outer perimeter path – although you do miss the wonderful array of dancers and tai chi practitioners inside.

6 After circling the park, exit from the northwest corner at the junction of Tianping Lu and Hengshan Lu and head north up Tianping.

7 Swing left onto Kangping Lu – another generally-peaceful street – before rejoining Yuqing Lu one junction later. From here, retrace your steps north back towards central Xuhui.

Route four - Zhongshan Park to the East China Normal University

This 6km route traverses three different parks as well as Suzhou Creek, and has plenty of potential for extensions for the ultra-fit


1 Start at the main entrance of Zhongshan Park on Changning Lu, close to Exit 5 of Zhongshan Park metro station (Lines 2, 3 and 4). At the time of writing the entrance to the park was undergoing some rather dusty renovations – take the main path as it curves to the left and head away from the diggers.

2 Jog the main pathway over several bridges towards the Wanhangdu Lu exit at the back of the park.

3 Exit onto Wanhangdu Lu and turn left, past the gate of East China Normal University’s Political Science and Law department opposite.

4 Keep heading west down the leafy and quiet road as it meets Suzhou Creek, by which time the chances are high you’ll have the whole pavement to yourself.

5 Carry on under the metro crossing and red-arched Kaixuan Lu bridge, until you reach the next bridge, which carries the Zhongshan Lu elevated highway over the river.

6 Take a left before you go under the bridge and take the blue-railed stairs onto the bridge itself, crossing the river and gradually descending onto the north side of the creek.

7 On the other side – be careful as the bridge dumps you unceremoniously into the middle of the road – go over the first pedestrian crossing and through the grey gate of the East China Normal University campus into extremely pleasant and peaceful grounds dotted with trees and waterways.

8 Jog straight over two bridges along tree-lined paths, and for an extended route take a left after the second bridge for a car-free waterside path – and, further along, an old running track.

9 Alternatively, continue straight through the campus, past the enormous statue of Chairman Mao, towards the Zaoyang Lu gate on the university’s western fringe.

10 Once you head out the exit you’re facing the eastern gate of one of Time Out’s favourite parks, Changfeng Park; head in past the children’s play area and bear left to reach the large lake in the centre, where a path around the water presents either another jogging route extension or plenty of seating options should you need a rest.

11 Once you’ve either exhausted the lakeside path or recovered your bearings, the uber fit can turn around and head back the way they came towards Zhongshan Park. Alternatively, leave the park through the Daduhe Lu exit, and you’ll see Daduhe Lu metro station (Line 13) near Jinshajiang Lu, from where you can catch the subway back.

Route five - Wulumuqi Lu to Xuhui Riverside Park

In a city as busy as ours, the long pedestrianised stretch at Xuhui Riverside is a rare treasure. There’s not as much greenery as some other parks, but the industrial riverside walk, with a regular breeze coming off the water, is still appealing. Plus there are some nice grassy areas to chill on after this 7km run


1 Start at the junction of Wulumuqi Nan Lu and Fuxing Xi Lu, heading south on Wulumuqi Nan Lu through the tree-lined streets and broad pavements of the former French Concession, passing the American Consulate on your right (don’t plough into the police standing outside).

2 Head straight on down Wulumuqi – take care heading over the busy junctions with Huaihai Lu and later, Zhaojiabang Lu – until it turns into Dongan Lu.

3 As you head further south the road becomes immeasurably quieter, and by the time you pass Longhua Zhong Lu metro station (Lines 7 and 12), the road is likely to be almost deserted, save a few ever-present estate agents trying to sell flats.

4 Hop, skip and jog to your heart’s content as you continue south towards the river with nobody to block your path.

5 Cross Longteng Dadao, to reach the broad expanse of the Xuhui Riverfront. From here, try turning right and jogging southwest along the riverfront towards the Yuz Museum, where there are fewer runners vying for space. Alternatively you can turn left when you reach the water towards the official running track, but be aware this gets crowded at prime times and there are often running groups or events in the evening (it’s home to an adidas Run Base).

6 When you’re ready, turn back up Dongan Lu and jog on home, or to Longhua Zhong Lu metro station.

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