The 3 best juice and smoothie cleanses to try this summer

Get clean on the inside and the out with these tried and tested cleanses

Get it out of your system and start glowing inside and out with one of these juice and smoothies cleanses.

Farmhouse Juices


What is it A juice detox, ranging from one day to 21 days, with six juices per day.

What makes it different CEO and former chef Uriel Copelev has a wealth of expertise in the food industry and swears by the nutritional benefits of the cold-press technology used to create Farmhouse’s fresh juices, which means nutrients and enzymes are all preserved in the process. Copelev says each Farmhouse Juice bottle is packed with the vitamins, nutrients and live enzymes of 1.5 kg of raw vegetables and fruits.

Why we like it The taste. These are among our favourite juices for the variety of flavours, plus we dig the generous size of the bottle, affordable pricing, and enormous range of fruit and veggies. We can’t get enough of the Pineapple, Apple and Mint Internal Cleanse juice, and although we are definitely hungry at times through the three days, the juices are packed with so much good stuff they chase it away. Stock up on a couple of bottles of The Rehydrator, containing Thai coconut water, to help when you feel hungry.

Cost Juices start from 35RMB a bottle, and a three-day Beginners Cleanse costs 690RMB. Home delivery is available.

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Lizzy’s All Natural


What is it A smoothie based cleanse including fruit and vegetable smoothies, teas and additional elixir shots and super powders.

What makes it different As a smoothie – rather than juice – detox, the cleansing drinks also include slow-releasing fibre, which holistic health coach and founder Elizabeth Schieffelin says will help to stop cleansers feeling hungry.

Why we like it It’s impossible not to be affected by Schieffelin’s enthusiasm and her brightly coloured, filling smoothies, including the likes of Paradise Island, made from mango, pineapple, coconut water, lime and ginger. This detox is surprisingly filling and barely leaves us hungry, with ‘super powders’ of protein that can be mixed with the smoothies or tea for an added boost. Lizzy also doesn’t rule out a morning black coffee during the cleanse, which wins our eternal gratitude. We also love that this cleanse includes so many extra options to keep you powered up, that the menu varies each day, and that the bottles get recycled after use.

Cost Individual smoothies start from 28RMB; a three-day detox costs 624RMB. Home delivery is available.

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V Cleanse


What is it A juice and healthy eating cleanse, suggested at three days a month or for one-day weekly.

What makes it different Unlike other juice cleanses, V Cleanse also offers a range of vegan and low-calorie healthy snacks which can be combined with your detox, including delicious porridge bowls (60RMB) and health-conscious VCrunch Fiber Chips (188RMB). The cold-pressed technology gives their juices a ten-day shelf-life, which makes it easier to stock up, and according to CEO Zhang Chenling, plenty of their customers shed pounds through their detox cleanses and diets.

Why do we like it With more than 20 types of brightly coloured juice and an expanding range of food, VCleanse is building itself into an exciting healthy lifestyle brand – with plans to open more stores across town this year – and have started to offer health retreats for members, including a recent detox and yoga retreat to Bali.

Cost Juices range from 25RMB to 50RMB per bottle, and a three-day cleanse costs 900RMB.

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Cleansing Dos and Don'ts

DO get support
Tell friends and colleagues you’re doing a cleanse, clear your desk of tempting treats and avoid mates that might pressure you into that tempting glass of wine.

DO get enough sleep
Some people will feel more energised and others more tired during their detox.

DON’T be alarmed if you aren’t as, ahem, regular as normal
There might be changes in your bowels, and everyone reacts differently.

DON’T eat twice as much the day before
‘The Last Supper is never a good idea,”’ says Schieffelin. ‘Your stomach expands and you’ll be even hungrier the next day; instead eat a light meal the day before the detox starts.’

DON’T do a juice or smoothie cleanse if…
you are pregnant, or without first consulting a doctor if you have diabetes or an ongoing health condition.

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