Luüna Naturals just launched its menstrual cups in Shanghai

Every purchase sees one donated to a woman or girl in need

Photographs: courtesy LUÜNA naturals
'Without knowing it, over 90 percent of women in Asia use period care containing non-degradable synthetics and traces of toxic chemicals,’ says Olivia Cotes-James, founder of LUÜNA naturals. ‘We want to ensure that all women and girls in the region have access to the honest education and healthy products necessary to make informed choices about our menstrual health.’

From this month, the Shanghai- and Hong Kong-based company has started shipping out menstrual cups, all made from 100 percent medical-grade silicone. As part of an initiative called Buy a Cup, Give a Cup, for each one ordered, it’ll donate a cup to a woman or girl in Asia who may not have access and share knowledge on how to use it correctly and safely. To help find women who’d benefit most, LUÜNA’s partnered with Free Periods HK, which provides support and access to free sustainable feminine care products to low-income women.


Available through its bilingual WeChat shop, you can also buy its organic cotton tampons (68RMB for 16), pads (56RMB for ten) and liners (58RMB for 20), all made using imported natural fibres and avoiding synthetic materials like viscose, rayon and conventional cotton that can contain traces of chemicals such as pesticides or fertilisers.

But for LUÜNA, selling products is only half the goal. Community workshops on menstrual health came nearly three years before the launch of any consumer products. From these, Cotes-James found that a lot of women were really just looking for a safe space to ask questions. ‘Very quickly, I found it difficult to answer questions about what my period care products were made of,’ she told us, ‘which sounds so crazy because you feel silly when somebody who isn’t comfortable with using tampons goes, “What are they made of?” and you can’t answer that.’

These days, in addition to selling products it’s still keeping the community vibes strong with an event series called No More Secrets with themes that include anything from menstrual health to careers to relationships. Find upcoming events or purchase its products by searching WeChat ID 'luunanaturals'.

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