Yeti Out launch new label with a cross-continental compilation

Listen to the first Silk Road Sounds album - featuring artists from Berlin to Beijing - here

Shanghai-based promoters Yeti Out have launched a new 'compilation series-come-label' entitled Silk Road Sounds, with a free to download album comprised of tracks from artists based in Beijing, Berlin, Hong Kong, Istanbul, London, New York, Saigon, Shanghai, Singapore, Taipei and Tokyo.

Featuring the likes of Aristophanes - the Taiwanese rapper who guested on Grimes' 'Scream' - and Shanghai-based beatmaker Zean, the compilation is a 'quasi-genre [mix] that celebrates cultural diversity in the modern day', according to the organisers.

They go on to state that, 'As creative tribes from the East and West continue to intertwine both online and offline, Vol.1 explores the meaning of "journey" through a spectrum of music. The 12-track playlist highlights emerging underground sounds, while pay[ing] homage to the different regions through innovative sampling.'

Which is to say, it's an interesting collection of tracks from a diverse clutch of artists - and one that you can stream below:

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