5 super chill venues to listen to vinyl records in Shanghai

There’s already a deep vinyl culture hidden in small pockets in Shanghai and here are some of the best

Photographs: Coquina Restrepo (ANDet)
‘True’ music lovers will tell you how listening to a vinyl record is better than any other sound system. For some, it’s about better sound quality; for others, it’s the anticipation of a physical album of their favorite artist, the effort of putting the record on the turntable and hearing the noise of dust hitting the needle. Whatever your fascination with vinyl records is about, the undeniable truth is that vinyls are making a comeback. In fact, there’s already a deep vinyl culture hidden in small pockets in Shanghai and here are some of the best we find.



This modern cafe cum bistro is a new addition to Huaihai Lu, but it has already made some waves with coffee and music lovers. Nestled inside an art-deco inspired architecture, ANDet is decked out with comfortable seating inviting for relaxation while you listen to whatever the staff is playing, which is usually a mix of synth-wave-esque records and old indies. They have a complete DJ equipment setup to host synth music makers and regular disk jockeys. All the vinyl records are for sale, with a variety of jazz, rock and pop music from around the world. Make sure you come on a weekday afternoon for a quiet view over the street and a calm environment where you can order a drink and have a dessert while listening to some smooth synth.

ANDet Wine Bistro and Cafe, 1680 Huaihai Zhong Lu, near Gaoan Lu.

Nice to Meet You


Housed inside Blackstone Apartment, the first luxury apartments targeting expatriates built in 1924, Nice to Meet You is set up for anyone curious about music and history all in one place. Apart from being a bookstore with a small cafe, there’s a little alcove near the back where the staff has set up an exhibition on Shanghai’s unique recording culture with photos of classic recording artists and albums from Republic-era Shanghai up to modern Shanghai. There’s an impressive vinyl collection and various record player models for you to test out. It’s a great place to look for live recordings of concerts and classical music.

Nice to Meet You, First Floor, Blackstone Apartments, 1331 Fuxing Zhong Lu, near Baoqing Lu.

Raccoon Records

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Nestled quietly on Yueyang Lu and sharing space with the bookstore BOOCUP, Raccon Records has an extensive collection of records from the 1980s’ Japan and China to contemporary releases of the mid-2000s from artists like Lana Del Rey and the Red Hot Chili Peppers. The record shop is small, but it has a cult following of loyal customers who come to buy new releases, hunt through old albums and buy Raccoon Records label merchandise to customise their own home-listening sets. The bookstore specialises in books on art, architecture and pop culture.

BOOCUP/Raccoon Records, 28 Yueyang Lu, near Fenyang Lu.

1984 Book Store


The not-so-secret ‘secret’ bookstore on Hunan Lu has been a quiet relief space in Shanghai for years. The owners have provided a tranquil vibe that lets anyone sit and read through abandoned books and listen to some indie music any day of the week. If you sit and buy a latte or one of their speciality coffees, you can sit and read for hours while appreciating the different tastes of music each staff has to offer. Their vinyl collection varies monthly, but in general, the records are a mix of pre-2000s indie and alternative music from regular labels that were frequently played on the radio to hidden treasures from sunken labels and underground artists from the US or Europe. The staff will let you choose a used record and listen to it in the store if you ask nicely.

1984 Book Store, 11 Hunan Lu, near Yongfu Lu.

The Melting Pot

Photographs: @themeltingpot_sh via instagram

Arguably one of the most popular chill spots for alternative music lovers in Shanghai, The Melting Pot is a paradise for vinyl lovers. While small and tightly run, the little record store has been constantly packed with different labels from all around the world, including local and international titles. The staff will take orders if you’re looking for a specific record. The shop even sells other goodies such as locally-printed zines, comic anthologies and music magazines. The best part about The Melting Pot is that they have bottled and canned beer and they serve coffee too, which means you can order a drink, hang out inside the tiny shop space for as long as you wish and also listen to some energising music. Expect to hear a lot of alternative rock.

The Melting Pot, 673 Yongjia Lu, near Anting Lu.

By Coquina Restrepo