Shanghai's best practice rooms and studios

Get back in touch with your inner musician

Photograph: courtesy HiMusic
We've all had one of those days when we feel like bashing some drums to our heart's content – a hectic city like Shanghai does that to everyone, it seems. Sadly, not all of us can afford to have a musical instrument at hand, but that's OK, as we have listed below some of the music centres around Shanghai that have instrumental practice rooms available for you to drop in, play and de-stress, even if you're not a student there. Whether you're in Shanghai for a short business trip or are just trying to be a polite neighbour, here's where you can get connected with your inner musician.

Contact the music centres at least 24 hours in advance for any enquiries or reservations. Oh, and don't actually bash and destroy the drums – or any instrument for that matter.


Mr Mix & Relax

Among its five branches across Shanghai, this Mr Mix & Relax store has the most central location of all and has overall comprehensive facilities compared to other music centres. A small practice room with an upright piano can be used for 60RMB per hour; a larger room for choir practice, equipped with audio systems, chairs and water dispenser, is 200RMB per hour. Finally, at the rate of 400RMB per hour, you can rent a band rehearsal room equipped with an electronic keyboard, two acoustic guitars, one drum kit and a full audio system.

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1381 Dongfang Lu

YG Music (Lujiazui)

If you love to sing but are too shy for KTV, look no further – YG Music has individual practice rooms and studios, equipped with electronic pianos, microphones and other recording facilities available to use from 40RMB per hour. However, we'd advise you to call in advance to enquire about room availability and additional costs before making your way there.

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519 Fushan Lu

Tempo (Lujiazui)

Tempo's location makes it perfect for those who might need a break from work. One of the most popular percussion workshops in town, Tempo offers electronic drum kits for you to practise on for 50RMB per hour. If you prefer a more solid and physical experience, have a go at the real drums for twice the price; you may also be able to play on the African drums and ukuleles if they’re available.

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518 Shangcheng Lu

Rainbow Music Studio

Having its own imported Kawai grand piano in the middle of the city is honestly quite the feat for Rainbow Music Studio. From 158RMB, you can play on this lovely instrument for an hour to soothe your spirits. Alternatively, you can opt for an upright piano for 50RMB.

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No 2, Lane 1038 Pudong Nan Lu


Zhongsheng Music

From only 30RMB per hour, you can use Zhongsheng's individual practice rooms equipped with WiFi, an air-conditioner and an upright piano – Yamaha, if it’s available. Although you're advised to call ahead to ask about availability, you shouldn't have to worry as its two branches are merely a few blocks away from each other.

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1170 Xizang Nan Lu



Just around the corner from Jingan Temple station is HiMusic, which provides one of the best-equipped band practice rooms on the list. From 150RMB an hour, you can gain access to its amps from Laney, Marshall and Orange Crush, Ray Traveller drum kit, Roland keyboard, Sennheiser microphones and more. If you and your crew need a break, there's a decent resting area too.

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1533 Beijing Xi Lu

X-Music (Jingan Temple)

Offering lessons in guitar, ukulele and percussion, X-Music also has band rooms available. While an hour-long session costs 100RMB, you can purchase its membership card for 800RMB, which will last you ten sessions at X-Music – it’s a good deal for bands planning to get together for the long run.

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172 Yuyuan Lu

Spring Music

Spring Music offers individual, air-conditioned rooms with a Kawai upright piano from 60RMB per hour. If you're planning to practise regularly, save up by buying its membership card (from 600RMB), which will cover your next 15 sessions (each an hour long) with a validity of 90 days.

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495 Jiangning Lu

Jupiter Art

With somewhat less flexibility but more economically friendly rates and cosier vibes than other music centres, Jupiter Art only rents its rooms out on a pay-as-you-go basis. You'll first need to buy its membership card for 300RMB, then the fees for your practice sessions will be deducted from that 300RMB. From Monday to Friday, each room costs 30RMB an hour, whereas weekends cost twice that amount.

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20 Yuyuan Dong Lu


U&I Music (mU&Ic Centre)

A workshop-style music centre hidden away on Wending Lu, U&I Music offers large rooms and instruments for bands (up to six people) or individuals who wish to practise piano, drums or guitar. The rate goes from 100RMB an hour.

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218 Wending Lu

Hollywood Music School (Xujiahui)

Hollywood Music School is one of the best-known music centre chains in Shanghai, with some branches all the way in Longhua, Putuo and Hongkou districts. While the rooms are a bit smaller and only allow piano practice, the rate of 180RMB for ten hour-long sessions is pretty much unbeatable. However, note that you're only allowed to use the rooms on weekdays before 6pm, thus perhaps a task more suitable to undertake over your holidays.

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2088 Huashan Lu

Shangyin Music (Liuzhou Lu)

As Shangyin Music is directly affiliated with the Shanghai Conservatory of Music, it has been recognised as one of the most reliable music centre chains in the city. Each 45-minute practice session goes from only 20RMB, but rooms are only available on weekdays between 9am and 4pm.

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77 Liuzhou Lu

Parsons Music (Fenyang Lu)

Operating on a nationwide scale is Parsons Music, which is well known across the country for its manufacturing and selling of high-quality pianos. Individual piano practice rooms are fairly small but readily available; an hour-long session costs 40RMB after paying 100RMB as deposit (returned to you after you finish playing).

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30 Fenyang Lu


DasMeer Studio

Last but not least is DasMeer Studio, an individual music centre rising in popularity among young adults in Shanghai. Differing from typical music centres, which concentrate on delivering piano lessons for children, most of DasMeer's teachers specialise in string instruments, and classes are more targeted towards adults. From 49RMB an hour (weekdays only), you will be able to rent a piano and an individual practice room, plus you can also borrow its violins or cellos. Electronic guitars, ukuleles and electronic pianos may be available upon request.

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Lane 1088 Yuyuan Lu

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