Watch: Top Floor Circus play 80's Talkshow

Band join Mao Amin for 'Shanghai Childhood' and announce new LP

Top Floor Circus with Mao Amin on Dragon TV
Top Floor Circus appeared on Dragon TV's popular 80's Talkshow (that's their misuse of an apostrophe, not ours) recently, performing their song 'Shanghai Childhood' with renowned Chinese singer Mao Amin. Mao, who was one of a series of cultural and sporting celebrities featured on commemorative stamps when Beijing launched its bid for the Olympics in 2001, was plugging her Shanghai Grand Stage concert on Saturday 19 January, but chose to sing the Top Floor Circus song together with Lu Chen and the band instead of one of her own hits. 

Given that this is a band who found themselves barred from performing in 2010 after their controversial take on the Shanghai Expo anthem went viral, it's remarkable that they now find themselves appearing on a mainstream TV show. They were admittedly on best behaviour however, especially in playing one of their more SARFT-friendly songs - they were never going to get away with one of their GG Allin covers, for example.

Top Floor Circus have also announced that 2013 should see them release a new album, a follow up to 2010's 13 Classic Shanghai Pop Rock Songs. The plan is for it to be a double record, though the band have admitted that they still need to write 10 of the songs, let alone begin recording.

Watch Top Floor Circus and Mao Amin playing 'Shanghai Childhood' below. The songs starts at 5:20 if you want to skip the comedy chit-chat with Mao.