Why city bike is the best way to get around Shanghai

In association with Electra

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In association with Electra

It’s safe to say that cycling is one of the sports that attracts the most attention this year. Especially in a post-pandemic world, we can see that people are interested in this incredibly fun activity, getting more and more fond of it. For many people, cycling is not only a greener way to get around but also a healthy sport and a trendy lifestyle.

From the cycling team to Suit Ride, cycling is also becoming a new culture in Shanghai. No one can say no to a chill ride along the Suzhou River creek or among the green in the French Concession. Plus, bike is a very convenient and inexpensive way of commuting in Shanghai.

Getting excited to join this new trend? First, you need to get a perfect city bike!

Why choose city bikes?

City bikes were created specifically for a comfortable and safe ride in an urban setting. They have all the necessary accessories including fenders, lights, a kickstand and also a cover for the chain to protect your clothing from dirt or getting stuck.

For example, TREK's city bike brand Electra has a unique frame development with a patented Flat Foot Technology®, which changes the angle and height of the frame to achieve the most ergonomic rider’s positioning, allowing cyclists to straighten the back, relax the arms and fully extend the legs. It is a perfect tool for paddling in the city no matter for commute or for leisure.


Electra bicycles are popular all over the world with their cool appearance and unique comfortable experience. It has also been loved by a number of Hollywood celebrities, including Oprah, Paris Hilton, Justin Bieber and so on.

Where to get a perfect city bike?

This October, Electra opened a new flagship store at 88 Tongren Road, Jing’an District, Shanghai. It integrates a variety of riding concepts and pays attention to a large number of Shanghai city features to make bicycles more involved in urban traffic, and also allow cyclists to experience the beauty of the city through cycling.

The interior decoration of the store is mainly Americana industrial style, with various models of different series to meet all purpose for all ages and genders. Electra especially emphasises its goal to constantly innovate technologies and designs, based on the characteristics and functional needs of different groups of people.


If you are not sure which bike might suit you best, highly recommend going to the shop for a try-on first. In addition, the new flagship store on Tongren Road is brand’s only spot in Shanghai that offers a free trial ride experience for electric bicycles. The store also provides after-sale maintenance, delivery and other services. Customers in Shanghai and Beijing can also enjoy on-site maintenance services during the first year after the bike purchase.


How to choose my city bike?

It really depends on your needs. Do you want to use it mainly for commute? Do you prefer a chic bike to get around the city at weekends with friends? Or it could be a mix of different use. Electra has a wide range of choices for both adults and children that suit your riding style and aesthetic standards. Here are some recommendations for your inspiration.

Townie Go!


If you are considering getting your first city bike to try on, go look for Townie Go! This bike looks like it’s just a regular bicycle, but in fact, it is equipped with a HYENA motor set. The LED controller can easily change the mode. The Flat Foot Technology® with pedals moved slightly forward makes riding more comfortable, and gives a wider field of view. They are colourful and fashionable, and you can easily ride farther on all kinds of road conditions that will not at all be difficult for you to conquer.

Ghostrider Go!


If you are looking for easier and more comfortable rides, you could choose Ghostrider Go! It was inspired by the world's first "superbike" known for its power and speed. The hydroformed frame, super glossy black, chrome finish and custom licence plate beautifully combine vintage style with modern e-bike technology. Powered by a German Bosch motor unit, you can ride farther, even when it comes to climbing the hills.



How can we miss a chic, vintage choice of bikes in Shanghai? In the new Electra flagship store in Shanghai, the exclusive dealer has also introduced the limited-edition commemorative models of the century-old British handcrafted bicycle brand Pashley. The classic red version is the same bike that Audrey Hepburn once rode.


Simultaneously in the Tongren Road flagship store, Pashley has also launched a special edition "Platinum Champagne" coloured Britannia bicycle to celebrate Her Majesty's Platinum Millennium.

The name Britannia comes from ancient Italian. And this series continues the frame modification and classic handlebars from 1920, plus the Brooks leather saddle, chain guard and fenders, allowing the rider to maintain a graceful sitting position and looks no matter the weather.


The Pashley dealer also surprised the Shanghai customers with a small amount of British Morgan limited co-branded bicycles, which are very hard to find. As its name suggests, the Morgan series is inspired by the famous British Morgan racing motorcar, and is also one of the representatives of legendary British design tradition.


Want something special? Picador is a unique three-wheeled model that started its way in the 1960s. It has excellent stability, and is equipped with drum brakes, rim brakes and parking brake systems to ensure the safety of the rider in all aspects.

A wide range of accessory choice

Apart from the bicycles, Electra’s new flagship store is also stocked with a wide range of bicycle accessories. For example, the new eco-friendly bicycle basket which is made of only 0.45 kg of recycled ocean plastic, can carry up to 5 kg of items. The basket is also easy to install and remove, with hooks and hook-and-loop straps made of recycled materials that can fit most models on the market.


In addition, accessories from well-known brands - such as Brooks - can be found inside the store. There are leather saddles, bike bags, baskets, grips, bells, etc. Everyone will find something fun and useful here to customise a bike to be truly unique. At the same time, the store also provides installation services, and the new bike can be modified when it is purchased.


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