Modern Suzhou is as brilliant as its ancient

The city of Suzhou is said to be an exquisite double-sided embroidery, with classics and traditions on one side and modernity and fashion on the other.

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The city of Suzhou is said to be an exquisite double-sided embroidery, with classics and traditions on one side and modernity and fashion on the other. Here, the two meet and merge perfectly, revealing the past and present life of Suzhou through time and space.

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For centuries, Suzhou has sat on canals and rivers flowing with white-walled homes clad with black tiles dotted with moss. But those scenes belong to the former life of Suzhou, the classical and traditional side of the city, while the Suzhou Industrial ParkSIP, located to the east of the ancient city of Suzhou, is the present life of Suzhou, the modern and stylish other side of this city.

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The SIP is the epicenter of modern-day Suzhou. Boasting hundreds of contemporary hotels, shops and restaurants, SIP is also home to several modern marvels, including Jinji Lake, the largest inland city lake in China. More and more expats are coming for investment, work, study, living and sightseeing!

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The Jinji Lake Scenic Area in SIP is an open national 5A tourist attraction and is home to many of Suzhou's landmark buildings. When night falls, the gorgeous lights cut a riot of colours over the park, telling the story of the park in an animated and elegant way.

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The Cultural Arts Centre is the "Bird's Nest" of Suzhou, the iconic cultural landmark of Suzhou and the permanent base for the China Golden Rooster Awards. The Suzhou Ballet, Suzhou Symphony Orchestra, The first Eslite Bookstore of Mainland China, Jinji Lake Concert Hall, Jinji Lake Art Museum are all located here.

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Alongside shore of Jinji Lake, the water bus, sky corridor, water mist square, theme landscape and fashionable night view make this place full of fashionable temperament. A number of netflix food stores and bars gather here, making it one of the top places for young people and foreign friends to get together.

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Yang Cheng Hu Peninsula Tourist Resort is another destination you can not miss in SIP. On the south bank of Yangcheng Lake, the resort covers 24.39 square kilometers, including 8 square kilometers of lakes. It is designed to become a luxurious, eco-friendly resort with beautiful lakeside scenery, becoming part of the metropolitan resort development era.

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Surrounded by clear waters and a long embankment, the peninsula is home to a multitude of colourful flowers and lush trees that set the scene for spectacular sunsets. The perfect waterside escape time on the peninsula is best enjoyed slowly, connecting with nature, soaking up the sights and making the most of the relaxing setting.

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You can also participate in sports and enjoy ecological holidays at different scenic spots , such as the Lotus Island, the Yangcheng Lake Water Garden, the golf club and fishing center. The lake teems with aquatic wildlife, especially freshwater fishes like salmons, turtles, whitefish, eels, shrimps and crabs which together are called 'The Six Treasures in the Yangcheng Lake'. Among them, the most well-known is the crab which has won the fame as 'The King of the Crabs'.

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There are also a number of new tourist attractions to explore——not to mention the unmissable luxury shopping experience at Suzhou Village, a home to a distinctive offer of international luxury fashion and lifestyle brands, offering savings of up to 80% on the recommended retail price, all year round.

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Every step of the development of SIP has witnessed the rapid changes of the city of Suzhou, and this year, SIP is still young and will continue to advance and grow. We look forward to the future, and hope that the Suzhou Industrial Park will continue to bring more surprises to this thousand-year-old city !