2021 Run to Give, Run for Dream

Marriott International joins hands with the Yao Foundation to support rural education

Photographs: courtesy Marriott International
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Marriott Greater China Business Councils launched the “Run to Give 2021” charity run on October 24th and brought the 322 Marriott hotels together to organize the relay race. Total 12,131 Marriott associates and 1,671 Marriott guests in 80 cities have participated in this activity.

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Ms. Ye Li, Chairman of Yao Foundation, joined the Shanghai Charity Run to support the runners. With the theme of "Run for Dream", three sports stars, including Olympic long-distance champion Junxia Wang, World championship fencing champion Jun Zhu, and Chinese legendary basketball star Haixia Zheng, have been invited to be the pacesetters in Beijing, Guangzhou and Chengdu respectively. This initiative raised RMB 1, 205, 587 in donations for the Yao Foundation to support the China youth educational development.

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“It has been five years since we held the first ‘Run to Give’ campaign,” said Ms. Angela Pan, Chair of Marriott Greater China Business Councils. “Guided by SERVE360 principle, Marriott International keeps delivering the ‘spirit to serve our community’, our associates stay together to support the local revitalization in the form of a charity run activity and radiate positive energy to the community. We are very honored to invite four sports stars to join us this year and hope we can inspire more people to support the educational development in rural areas.”

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To date, Marriott International has donated 29.8 million yuan to the Yao Foundation. The donation was used to build 9 Hope Primary Schools in Sichuan, Guizhou, Shanxi, Hunan, Hebei and Henan provinces, and to fund libraries, computer rooms and other necessary hardwares. Moreover, Marriott international has supported 8 seasons of the Hope Primary School Basketball Season project and provided continuously support to the Yao Foundation. "We are very happy to continue the partnership with Marriott International and to contribute to youth education development. Yao Foundation has been working together with Marriott since 2013 not only to support education projects for children, but also to deliver the same sport spirit and charity value to our society. We believe unremitting actions is the best way to support those children’s dreams.” added Ms. Li Ye, Chairman of Yao Foundation.