Visit the untapped natural beauty of Changbaishan with Club Med this summer

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Photographs: courtesy Club Med
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Need a break from office life? After weeks of solitude, it’s without any sense of irony that many of us are already looking to get away from the crowds. Escaping the city to recharge your energy levels is, after all, what summer is all about. Besides, what better way to forget about the daily grind of city life than to immerse yourself in the splendours of nature? However, planning a summer getaway remains a complicated process. Thankfully, through Club Med holidays, there is an easy option available to guarantee your dream break.

Situated in China’s North-eastern province of Jilin is one of the country’s largest and most spectacular nature reserves. The Changbai Mountain Biosphere Reserve is comprised of primitive forests, hot springs and waterfalls, all ringed by a range of 16 mountain peaks. Crowning this, Tianchi Lake (Heaven Lake) fills out one of the volcanic craters straddling the North Korean border high amongst the summits, considered by many as being their cultural and spiritual home. Yet while the Changbai Mountain itself is one of China’s ten most celebrated, the area remains relatively crowd-free and feels very much like a paradise lost. As far as untapped natural beauty goes, this feels far more than a three-hour flight from Shanghai.



Although reaching this enchanted land may seem like a dream, given Shanghai’s current status, it can easily become reality. Club Med have recently opened an all-inclusive, luxury resort within the reserve which can now be reached from Shanghai. Here, you can take part in a range of activities which will bring you up-close to nature, before retreating back to enjoy one of the 28 indoor hot springs, exclusive health SPA areas, or fine-dining from both Chinese and Western-style restaurants. All of this, however, revolves around connecting with the environment and local resources. From the contemporary buildings which fuse into the surrounding landscape, to the natural minerals used to relax your muscles, or the locally sourced Korean specialities such as Ginseng cuisine, you’ll receive an authentic taste of mountain life. Furthermore, while all of this is included within the all-inclusive package, so are the travel arrangements to bring you in and out of the reserve area.



As the global specialist in friendly, upscale, multicultural all-inclusive holidays, with over 70-years of experience, Club Med have a rich history of meeting customer expectations. Not only do they provide a reliable, high-end service, they also reward customer loyalty through their membership schemes aiming to repay frequent guests. A newly-launched Wechat scheme is free to join and allows you to climb from a Discoverer (T1), to an Explorer(T2), Adventurer (T3), and up to a Globe-trotter (T4), earning greater benefits along the way. From the basic benefits and 300RMB membership coupons available upon registry, to invitation-only offers, discounted package prices, and birthday presents available to top-tier members. Each time you stay at a Club Med resort, your rank will automatically be upgraded. Best of all, all resorts are customised to provide an experience wholly tailored to their local area. As for the Changbai mountain reserve, it is home to over 2,500 varieties of wild plants and a similar number of wild animals. The G.O.s (on-site resort team) can help immerse you into this wildlife wonderland, teaching you about local medicinal plants and geographic features dotted around the sacred Tianchi Lake.


When asked about China’s North-Eastern region, most people will think of ice festivals and skiing. Changbaishan, a UNESCO World heritage site, however, offers a chance to explore the area from an entirely different perspective. Hiking through an abundance of summer flowers among thousand-year-old trees, or biking your way to some truly jaw-dropping viewpoints will leave you invigorated and feeling closer to one of our world’s most wondrous gifts.