Eat, relax, love: your June getaways are only a suitcase away

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Photograph: courtesy Club Med
Following a long spring, the summer sun is rising. As travel restrictions are beginning to lift, doors are slowly opening and life in Shanghai is gradually returning to a state of normalcy. It means fantastic news: holidays await this June.

However, this slow-release brings with it another set of problems, a dynamic situation of constant regulation changes and requirements. With a new layer of complication added to planning your summer holiday, the question now, is how to satisfy an appetite for adventure without stressing yourself out?

Club Med: pioneer of sporty and natural outdoor holidays


One straightforward solution is to leave it to the experts. Travel agencies such as Club Med specialises in working through the logistics of travel arrangements, so your only worry is in choosing what to pack. More than just a coordinator, however, Club Med provides tailor-made services with a guarantee of high-end quality in everything from food to organised activities. As the pioneer of all-inclusive vacations, they have accrued 72 years of history, establishing themselves as a leading light in the travel industry.

Enjoy endless membership rewards


Since the 1950’s Club Med has operated a membership scheme which is mandatory for all guests to sign-up to. Through membership, guests are able to access discounts, hidden surprises and perks throughout their stay, as well as birthday presents and periodic, exclusive events for higher-ranking members.

There are now two separate loyalty schemes simultaneously available for guests of Chinese resorts, the original Great Members program, and a further Wechat-based rewards scheme – Jingcaijia. The Great Members plan features four levels; Turquoise, Silver, Gold and Platinum, which are automatically upgraded according to your points score.

Catering to travellers residing in China and fully transferrable with the Great Members program, Jingcaijia operates through Wechat. Each completed booking moves you up through the ranks of Discoverer (T1), Explorer (T2), Adventurer (T3), and eventually, Globe-trotter (T4). A 300RMB gift certificate will get unlocked once registering an account.

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While benefits themselves are a great incentive, this means little if the stay itself fails to please. With high-end resorts operating across the globe, the focus is most certainly centred on luxury and providing unforgettable experiences.

The locations too are spectacular, notably the beachside resort in Sanya which was the first premium all-inclusive resort on the island. Situated on the idyllic marina beach in Sanya Bay and surrounded by lush vegetation, it is rated as one of the world’s finest all-inclusive retreats. The resort is highly regarded for its wide range of family programs, incredible restaurants and buffet selections which include many local food options, more than 20 water sports and activities, and famed nightly entertainment shows.

Amongst their other high-end resorts in China, Club Med’s newest addition is here on Shanghai’s doorstep. Qiandao Lake, or the Thousand Island Lake, has long been a favoured destination for travellers owing to its unique beauty. With warm, clear waters and scenic hikes in the surrounding countryside, the area has a special charm of its own. This Anhui-inspired Hui house resort is set to open on June 16 and features state-of-the-art facilities to help you unwind. Covering almost 50,000 square metres, there are gyms, spas, terraces, an indoor sports stadium and a tea conservatory, as well as workshop areas where you can learn how to preserve insects or traditional cloth dye techniques using locally-sourced plants.

Club Med resorts have been recently refurbished to provide larger rooms with upscale furnishings and hold wellbeing as a key concept, which to be honest, is much needed right now. With 15 days free cancellation policy, your June getaways are only a suitcase away.