Instagrams every tourist will post after visiting Shanghai

If you didn't post it on Insta, did you really go?

Forget souvenirs, knickknacks, disposable cameras, holiday albums and scrapbooks - modern tourism is all about Instagram (#wanderlust #instatravel). And, as we all know, being home to towering skyscrapers, leafy streets and delicious food, Shanghai is a very Instagrammable city. Here are all the feed-clogging tourist favourites that get posted after a visit to Shanghai.

1. The Lujiazui skyline

insta1 buzzibao_travelblog

A visit to Shanghai isn't official until you've snapped a picture of the famous Shanghai towers in all their glory -choose your filter wisely. We're pretty sure that one of the prerequisites for getting a tourist visa is promising you'll take a picture down at The Bund and showing it to many people as possible upon your return home...

2. A fancy cocktail at a fancy rooftop bar


Shanghai has many great rooftop bars and nothing makes a cocktail taste better than drinking it on a photogenic a roof terrace - science has proven that. Which branch of science you ask? We dunno, physics? Mixology is a science, right? Don't @ us. And if drinking outside is your thing, you'll definitely want to check out Shanghai's best al fresco happy hours.

3. A picture up a really, really tall building (preferably the Shanghai Tower)


4. A contemplative photo at a temple

insta6 jennygooey

5. People's Park Marriage Market

insta7 markwhel

In 2017, the whole concept of the People's Park Marriage Market seems a bit mad and outdated, doesn't it? Taking pictures of these well-meaning (if not desperate) parents and their umbrellas on their quest to find their children love (or a spouse, at least) is a very popular pastime for tourists visiting the park to see what all the fuss is about. Witty captions about you hoping to find your soulmate only add to your picture's likeability. AND THAT'S WHAT IT'S ALL ABOUT, GUYS.

6. A snap of the Shanghai Metro

"insta9 ich_bin_alston"

Nothing seems to amaze visitors to our city more than just how many people can squeeze onto a train at once. Throw in that there's WiFi, television screens and occasionally a guy doing karaoke on Line 1 for some reason, a trip on the metro can be a real experience.

World's most populous city x rush hour x a sneaky photo = likes.

7. A closeup of Xiaolongbao

"insta11 whatgraceeats"

More like xiao long wow... (there's your caption sorted). A pic of Shanghai's famous soup dumplings is another staple of the Shanghai Insta diet. Head down to Din Tai Fung for some tasty and affordable little basket buns. But for the love of god, eat them properly...

8. A pic in front of the Disneyland Castle (best paired with Minnie or Mickey Mouse ears)

"insta12 sssssihan"

9. A picturesque shot of a road in the FFC

"insta13 timeout"

The Former French Concession is a beautiful and highly Instagrammable part of town. Whether it's the parks, roads, lanes or trees, there is a Insta-worthy photo opportunity waiting for you round every corner. But remember, #FFC could also refer to London football club Fulham FC, German women's football team FFC Frankfurt, the Football Federation of Chile, the Fédération Française de Cyclisme (French Cycling Federation). Pakistan's Federal Flood Commission and director of The Godfather trilogy Francis Ford Coppola. So don't be confused if your pics earn you some unexpected new followers...

Explore the leafy streets with this walking tour or up your Insta likes (and culture points) even more by adding some FFC galleries into the mix.

10. A picture of something that'd be totally weird anywhere other than in Shanghai/China

"insta14 jakenewby"

11. The Maglev at max speed

"insta15 sh._"

12. People practising tai chi

"insta16 kylie_in_china"

13. A scenic shot of a water town

"insta17 _ninix"

Qibao, Zhujiajiao, or Nanxun, a visit to one of Shanghai's nearby water towns is an Instagrammer's dream. Narrow lanes, wooden boats and pretty bridges – those sweet, sweet likes will be rolling in. While to your followers it may look like you're strolling round a beautiful Venitian-esque paradise, in reality, you'll spend most of your time battling the crowds, queuing for food and trying to find space to take a picture.

14. A sea of rental bikes

"insta18 yangying_ye"

While the bike sharing craze is alive and well here in Shanghai, to many visitors to the city, a colourful fleet of rental bikes will be a sight to be hold. As the famous Katie Melua song goes, 'There are nine million bicycles in Beijing' and, if you've so much as had your eyes open in Shanghai of late, you'll have noticed that there is a shit-tonne of share bikes in Shanghai. 'That's a fact. It's a thing we can't deny.'