The best pet boutiques & brands for your pooch

If pets could get jealous of our food and fashion choices, they would be paw-sitively excited by this feature

Photo by Karen Winegeart via Unsplash

By Coquina Restrepo

Discover the best pet boutiques, brands — and even one pet bakery — in the city. The following makers are dedicated to making healthy, happy products for your fur-babies.

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The Best Brick-and-Mortar Boutiques

Some pet owners simply shop for their pets’ needs on Taobao. Others prefer traditional retail experiences. If you are among the latter, visit these spots in Shanghai:

One Seventh



Chuck browsing the goodies on display at One Seventh. Photo by Coquina Restrepo

Specialising in pet treats, this gem of a store has a small cult following. Not only does it carry healthy treats made from all-natural ingredients, but there is also a pet bakery with freshly baked treats on site. Place an order for customised cakes or snacks!

Chuck says:

"Every good boy should get a big veal shank bone from here!" 🦴

📍 除七Oneseventh, Various locations.




Sputnik isn't for couch potatoes. Photo via Sputnik

Named after Sputnik 2, the first spacecraft to carry an animal (a Soviet space dog called Laika) into orbit, this store crafts high quality pet accessories for active pets: think hiking harnesses and jackets made from breathable material, cooling pet beds, travel water bottles, and even a mini puppy backpack!

Mantao says:

"I love walking in the rain but hate wet fur! So my mom got me this comfy raincoat and it’s the best."

📍 Sputnik, 1044 Yuyuan Lu.

Zoro Home



Give your pup a makeover at one of Zoro Home's gorgeous boutiques. Photos via official Xiaohongshu and Dianping accounts

This chain of pet boutiques cum pet salons stock food, toys and clothes while offering grooming services. Take your pup here for a quality wash and blow, styling or nail trimming. Prices increase the heavier or bigger your dog gets.

Kuma says:

"Zoro has so many little gifts and outfits to choose from. I love playing dress up here."

📍 佐罗家宠物馆, Various locations.

Door-to-Door Delivery & Services

Let's be real: one of the best bits about living in Shanghai is the convenience factor. Get to know the following online retailers who will ship to your home for a minimal or no fee:

iDOGLOGY & Shu Fotos


Photo courtesy of iDOGLOGY

Malaysian photographer Cassie, who is the proud owner of an adopted poodle, understands what pet owners want and caters well to their needs.

Firstly, she produces preservative-free dog treats that are safe for human consumption (as they should be) in chicken, beef, pork and more, so your pup can choose its favourite.


A 'parent and pet' portrait by Cassie. Photo courtesy of the photographer

Secondly, she specialises in pet portraits under the brand Shu Fotos. With almost 10 years of photography experience under her belt, you can bet that she is skilled behind the lens — simply ask to see her portfolio and book a session for you and your best friend.

✳️ Search for 'iDOGLOGY' on WeChat.




Fashion meets comfort. Photos courtesy of Pumpkin

Also founded by a Malaysian, Pumpkin is a newcomer to the scene (since 2023), and makes dog apparel and bandanas using soft, all-natural fabric and in a wide range of sizes.

Brownie points go to the brand for running an upcycling program, which repurposes old clothes, transforming them into fabulous new outfits for your pets.

Chuck says:

"The Dinosaur scarf set was huge hit during Puppy Day Care."

✳️ Search for 'huat_ahhhh' on WeChat.


A LOMI model with lovely locks. Photo courtesy of LOMI

This Swedish natural pet care brand aims to reduce our carbon ‘paw’ prints by developing environmentally friendly products, such as collars and leashes made from recycled plastic and all-natural alternatives to pet care products, like dog poop bags, wet wipes, and ear drops.

Zoey says:

"Support sustainable brands while maintaining your silky coat!"

✳️ Search for 'LOMI璐咪宠物护理' on WeChat.


Patterned collars and bowls are some of XOLO's bestsellers. Photos courtesy of XOLO

Deeply commitment to ethical craftsmanship, fair-trade brand XOLO supports Mexican artists, who meticulously craft pet accessories from responsibly-sourced, eco-friendly materials to minimise environmental impact. The brand's newly released hand-painted dog bowls have been selling like hot cakes.

Chuck says:

"The new leather leash and harness is perfect for my skin! Now I don’t itch under my harness or chew my leash."

✳️ Search for 'xolocollarscn' on WeChat.


Article by Coquina Restrepo

Animated graphics by Sammi Sowerby