The best plant and flower markets in Shanghai

From succulents to azaleas, here's where to get your plant and flower fix

Photograph: Yang Xiaozhe (Hongqiao Flower Market)
'A thing of beauty is a joy for ever.' Unless that thing is flowers, in which case the beauty doesn't last quite that long. Still, if you want to spruce up your place with a pop of colour or add a little bit of green to your office desk, these are the best places to make it happen. Read on for our picks of the best plant and flower markets in Shanghai.

(Go early if you can – these places tend to close earlier than their officially listed hours.)

Meilong Flower and Bird Market

Close to Jinjiang Action Park to the southwest of the city, this market may not be exactly what you’d consider conveniently located. However, its leafy aisles stock blooming flowers like hydrangea, azalea and camellia, and more towards the front, have greens and pitcher plants, native to ...

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166 Yimei Lu

Hongqiao Flower Market

Hongqiao Flower Market feels like an IKEA, only dedicated to all things green. The massive space (20,000 square metres) sells potted plants, cut and artificial flowers as well as home decor. The vibe here is more flowers for decoration than get-your-hands-dirty in the yard, however with friendly ...

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599 Jinhui Lu

Lanling Flower and Bird Market

Located in a residential area in Putuo District, this huge market is incredibly well organised: flower pots are nicely arranged and prices are hand written on pieces of cardboard with plant names, origins and tips for maintenance. What makes it well worth a trip is that many shops specialise in ...

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1539 Lingshi Lu

Wanshang Flower and Bird Market

Wanshang is a real hustle and bustle with birds chirping, vendors shouting and shoppers haggling. It feels more like a hub where seniors hang out and meet others who share their pastime interests, like bird keeping or cricket fighting. Flower stalls are small and passages cramped, and while ...

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417 Xizang Nan Lu

Shuangji Floriculture

Located not far from central Pudong, Shuangji Flower Market is a huge space, with potted flowers and plants on the east side and cut flowers on the west. Walking into the space feels like wandering through a botanical garden. While the prices of potted flowers may not be as good, the trees and ...

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1122 Yanggao Nan Lu

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