The best glasses markets in Shanghai

A few places to get a quick eye exam and new frames

Photograph: Yang Xiaozhe (3 Yeh Optical City)
For all you shortsighted people out there, these markets are for you. With rows and rows of shops selling glasses in all shapes and colours, there's bound to be one that catches your eye. Here, we've rounded up four great glasses markets selling all things eyewear.

Shanghai International Eyewear City

As a massive three-storey shopping centre filled with nothing but lenses, frames, glasses and the like, this eyewear ‘city’ pretty much lives up to its name. If variety is what you’re after, Eyewear City has countless options to choose from among the three busy floors.

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1688 Zhongxing Lu

3 Yeh Optical City, Pudong

The Pudong branch of this eyewear market occupies a single floor of Oriental Book City near the recently opened L+ Mall close to Lujiazui. The atmosphere is calm and quiet – great for those who prefer a laid-back, no pressure shopping experience. Service at 3 Yeh, Pudong is friendly and ...

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660 Shangcheng Lu

Sunmoon Eyeglasses City

This one-storey building houses a small number of vendors. English is limited here, so consider bringing along a Chinese-speaking friend to help out if needed. Compared to other markets, Sunmoon’s selection is fairly limited, but the surrounding block has plenty smaller sunglass shops.

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555 Qingyun Lu

3 Yeh Optical City, Jingan

If the Pudong branch wasn’t enough, the Jingan branch of 3 Yeh is on steroids. Bright and spacious, dozens of stalls are spread out over two floors. Unlike its Pudong counterpart, vendors here are more proactive about getting your attention. Sharpen up your bargaining skills – with the large ...

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188 Moling Lu

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