The best wet markets in Shanghai

From fresh local produce to live seafood to imported goods

Photograph: Yang Xiaozhe
Prepping for a big meal or just looking to experience what shopping and haggling in a live fresh market feels like? Head to one of these wet markets for anything from fresh local produce to live seafood to imported goods.

Fuxing Zhong Lu Market

Don’t let its office building appearance fool you. The wet market on Fuxing Zhong Lu spans an entire two floors. The first floor is where you’ll find cuts of meat and tanks full of live fish and other seafood. For more fruit and veg than you can shake a stick at, head to the second floor. Toward ...

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1239 Fuxing Zhong Lu

Yanqing Lu Market

Located in the heart of Old Xuhui, Yanqing’s got just about everything you’d find at a Western-style supermarket, but at a fraction of the cost. All items are labelled in Chinese and already priced, but as with any market of this style, you can still try your luck at haggling. Opening earlier ...

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3 Yanqing Lu

Dagu Lu Market

Dagu Lu Market is a bit more meat-centric than the others. Vendors sell every cut imaginable, including a stall for cured pork. Beyond pig, expect all the usual market suspects, all fresh and reasonably priced. A few miscellaneous items on the list include loose-leaf tea, cleaning supplies and ...

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525 Dagu Lu

Pudong Dadao Market

Here’s one for the Pudong set. When you arrive at this address, you’ll see a number of modest stalls selling everything from veggies and seafood to live frogs, but wander a bit farther back to find the real action. At this massive market, find hundreds of vendors boasting their goods. If the ...

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2507 Pudong Dadao

Changqiao Market

Changqiao’s got tons of variety, with over 150 different stalls run by friendly vendors offering fair prices – a large chart on the wall lists out the average prices of popular items, so you’ll know more or less what you should be paying. Aside from Changqiao, there are several much smaller ...

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105 Longchuan Lu

Xinluoxiu Market

This two-storey market is a little over 20 minutes’ walk away from the Pudong Dadao wet market. It’s got all the same stuff, but is even bigger, selling fresh produce, meat, live seafood, grains, eggs and more. As an added bonus, you can pick up a meal here, as the second floor has stalls for ...

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66 Luoxiu Lu

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