Interview: veteran comedian Tom Green on smartphone addictions and his upcoming album

Catch the Road Trip star in all his standup glory this Friday

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With tons of weekly open mic nights and shows hosting big names, Shanghai’s got a lot going for itself in the comedy scene. Get ready for another night of laughs this week: comedic legend Tom Green of Freddy Got Fingered, Charlie’s Angels and Road Trip fame is performing in Shanghai as part of his Asia tour. Ahead of his performance, we asked him some questions about his past, his present and what he’s got in store for the future.

You’ve come a long way since Freddy Got Fingered and The Tom Green Show which wrapped in 2000. How have you and your work grown since then?

With TV, you make something once and then it airs, but with standup you’re always growing. There’s only so much you can do with a mic on a stage, so I focus more on ideas than visual comedy. I’ve been doing standup for over 30 years, I’m a cancer survivor and I’ve seen the world. I have all these experiences now.

Why did you decide to perform in Shanghai, and what do you hope to accomplish while you're here?

I’ve always wanted to see Asia and perform for audiences there. I’m excited to meet people everywhere I go. I talk about a lot of subjects, like our personal life, our relationships… I’ll talk about that and obviously keep it high-energy and thought provoking, and put a funny spin on it.

A lot of your comedy focuses on how social media has affected society. Where do you see social media going in the future, and how do you think it’ll affect your comedy?

People are in love with their cellphones. We’re becoming more and more addicted, but we’re also developing more awareness. I think in 50 years we’ll look back on cellphones the way we did cigarettes. There was a time where we used to think cigarettes were actually healthy, but now that seems comical and absurd. I want to connect on that as a source of comedy.

What’s next on the horizon for you?

I was just on Big Brother last month, and I was in the sequel to a European sci-fi comedy called Iron Sky. I play a Steve Jobs-worshipping cult leader (laughs). I have an independent album coming out soon. It’ll be called The Tom Green Show. It’s got some EDM, some hip hop, comedy clips... it’s got a lot.

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