Shanghai's best ice skating rinks

Where to learn, tune-up or show off your ice skating skills

Photograph: Rawpixel
A chilly winter day, a pristine frozen lake, crowds of winter enthusiasts gliding about as they skate through the falling snow... This nostalgic winter scene is yours for the taking – as long as you don’t mind swapping the falling snow for rain and a pristine lake for an indoor arena, we are in Shanghai after all. Still, with a bit of imagination, you can get into the winter and holiday spirit. Here’s where to learn, tune-up or show off your ice skating skills.

Feiyang Skating Center

Critics' pick

There are two rinks at the Feiyang Skating Center: one on the ground floor for the public and one directly above it for members only. The private area is home to the Kunlun Redstar’s Hockey Club with a beautiful Olympic-size rink and stadium seating, it is however still open to skaters of all levels after joining the Shanghai Hockey Club. Both areas are geared more towards sport than leisure, with the public rink often partially allocated to children’s hockey practice. Still, the public venue has plenty of equipment, decent facilities and decent prices at 60RMB for two-and-a-half hours Monday through Sunday, and 180RMB for 30 minutes of private coaching.

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201 Yunlian Lu

Wujiaochang Champion Rink

Although it’s a bit on the small side compared to its competitors, Wujiaochang Champion Rink has a nice atmosphere, high-vaulted ceilings and decent equipment. The skating rink can also easily be found inside the Bailian New Era Mall. It offers two-hour passes for 80RMB and 30-minute lessons for 280RMB.

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8 Songhu Lu

New World Skating (Nanjing Lu)

Not quite a romantic date-spot or a scenic family-outing destination, but the New World Ice Rink is a good bit of fun all the same. The rink is quite small at about 500 square metres and two sizable columns directly in the middle of the ice aren’t ideal. But still, it’s big enough to practise your skills, as long as those skills don’t involve lots of speed or aerial manoeuvres (the ceilings are quite low). Also, on the plus side, it’s centrally located, right by People’s Square, easy to find and offers reasonably good rental equipment and a pretty handy skate sharpening service. Admission is 85RMB for two hours.

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2 Nanjing Xi Lu

All Star Skating Club

Housing Shanghai’s biggest and arguably best skating rink, the Mercedes-Benz Arena’s All Star Skating Rink has a whopping 1,200 square metres of top-quality ice. This bigger space and flashier atmosphere can make for a very fun and seasonal outing, however, peak weekend hours can turn the rink into People’s Square station on ice. Weekday evenings are generally a good time to go. For the quality of the venue, it is still reasonably priced, starting at 50RMB for 90 minutes or 80RMB from Friday evening through the weekend. Several different coaching levels and packages are offered; for entry-level skaters, a 30-minute private lesson will set you back 300RMB. 

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1200 Shibo Da Dao