5 brilliant places to practise archery in Shanghai

Unleash your inner Katniss at these ranges around Shanghai

Photograph: Yang Xiaozhe (Daoshun Archery)
If The Lord of the Rings and The Hunger Games have taught us anything, it's this – archery is cool. Whether taking out Orcs like Legolas or uniting districts like Katniss, one can't help but look badass with a bow and arrow in hand. Fortunately, there are plenty of places in Shanghai that can help make that happen for you. To get you started on becoming the world-class archer you always knew you were deep down inside, check out these venues around town.

Daoshun Archery

Daoshun’s an archery chain that’s straightforward in its design and setup – it’s a good option for those who just want to shoot a few arrows and go. Instructors are present to help with proper handling of the bow and how to shoot at the start (all in Chinese), but beyond that you’re on your own. Choose from 10m or 18m lanes to shoot, with the option to shoot by the sheaf (17RMB before 1pm; 25RMB after 1pm) or by the hour (200RMB, Mon-Fri before 5pm).

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699 Fuxing Dong Lu

East Shanghai Shooting and Archery Club

This one’s pretty good for newbies, as its attentive staff will carefully guide you through all aspects of your archery form (in Chinese). Here it’s 25RMB for a sheaf, with half a dozen lanes to practise. If you get tired of shooting with a bow (impossible, we know), then upgrade to a firearm at another section in the basement. Choose from a decent range of weaponry from a 4.5mm air gun to a 9mm Glock – prices start from around 100RMB. If you’re going for the guns, you’ll need to bring your passport to register.

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663 Hongqiao Lu

Party King

Party King is aptly named – this place knows entertainment. Beyond archery, take your pick of darts, bowling, pool and more at this fun-filled venue. It’s 99RMB before 1pm and 238RMB after 1pm to get access to all of the activities. As for the archery, the equipment here is a little worn compared to the other places, but no worse for the wear. Guidance from the staff is minimal here, so it helps to have a little experience under your belt if you’re a stickler for correct technique.

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221 People's Avenue

SHC Archery

The sleek and modern SHC Archery is in stark contract to others on this list with its brightly lit layout. Lanes are limited, though here is a good option for those who need extra assistance with form, as the instructors are readily available to help with any concerns you may have (though only in Chinese). Shoot by the sheaf, the half hour or the hour at various prices starting from 98RMB. You can also hire a private tutor or attend classes of two to four people, starting from 598RMB. Once you’re done shooting, there’s an attached café where you can chill. 

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101 Xikang Lu
Hungover Games

Hungover Games

For those who want to spice up their archery, Hungover Games archery tag is a cross between archery and dodgeball held at Cages every Tuesday evening and Sunday afternoon. The Hungover Games crew will explain the rules of the game, provide all protective gear and teach you how to shoot – no previous archery skills are required. It’s 100RMB per player to join the two-hour sessions, with each session having a maximum of 28 players spread across four teams of seven. Add WeChat ID 'HungoverGamesCN' to register.

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