Escape Shanghai with this family guide to Moganshan

Stuart Lancaster accounts for his journey to Shanghai's infamous retreat

Marc van der Chijs

I remember feeling the need to escape a few things in Shanghai back when Qingming arrived in April: the aches and stresses of my heavy workload, and basically all of the crowds in Shanghai. One morning during the break the idea of Moganshan sprung into my mind and then, by the evening of the same day my family and I had arrived and were enjoying that place's calming scenery and nature.

With the long Dragon Boat weekend just around the corner, here's my mini travel guide to a relaxing and easy-to-get-to escape from Shanghai.

Stuart Lancaster is a Shanghai-based father and regular Time Out Shanghai Family contributor.

Things to do

Climb Mount Mogan

Climb Mount Mogan

Moganshan offers a plethora of hiking trails that pass through bamboo forests, tea fields, and old stone houses built in the 1900s. There is an 80RMB fee to go up the 719m Mount Mogan, but once on it, you’ll be surrounded by a view of lush mountain scenery which is a pleasant contrast from the flatland that is (arguably) Shanghai. Two words: worth it. There are also cycling routes, though these are definitely steep and could be considered challenging for kids.

Try some outdoor activities

Try some outdoor activities

Check out the Discovery Adventure Park in the area which caters for the family with activities like zip lines, adventure trekking and even hot air balloon rides for small and large groups. An on-site resort offers additional activities such as horseback riding and yoga for younger adventurers.