Shanghai’s best vegetable delivery boxes

We choose the city's freshest picks for produce delivery

We’re not all great about eating our greens, but Shanghai makes it easy to have a healthy supply on hand. We've tried and tested the city's freshest picks for produce delivery so you can get the best delivered right to your door. 
BIOFarm Western vegetable box

BIOFarm Western vegetable box

If you want local, seasonal, OFDC-certified organic produce, BIOFarm is the way to go. You can even visit to see your veggies’ journey from seed to table, as all of BIOFarm’s produce comes from its farm on the outskirts of Shanghai, and is always grown according to season and by organic methods (pesticide-, herbicide-, and insecticide-free). 

What’s in the box? Local, organic, seasonal vegetables and farm-fresh organic eggs in your choice of Western or Chinese style box, all grown at BIOFarm. 

Who will it feed? Medium family boxes (129RMB, with at least a one-month sign-up) feed two to three people; large family boxes (209RMB) feed four to five people. 

How often does it come? Once per week on the day of your choice. 

How to order Add WeChat account (ID: BIOFarm) or visit their membership page to sign up. You can also get one-off boxes at slightly higher prices. BIOFarm produce boxes are also available from FIELDS with additional options. 

Goma Greens vegetable box

Goma Greens vegetable box

A new contender in the Shanghai produce scene, Goma Greens founder Christina Freddie strives to support local farming efforts by both encouraging organic growing and working with non-organic farms to ensure farming practices are in accordance with EU standards. Goma also donates 10 percent of all earnings to projects that inspire organic farming. 

What’s in the box? Seven to nine types of seasonal veggies and occasionally one type of fruit, sourced from partner farms in Pudong, Chongming and Hunan. As a nice extra, Goma includes weekly recipes from food blogger Hanady Awada of Recipe Nomad. 

Who will it feed? Small family boxes (199RMB) feed two to three people; large family boxes (299RMB) feed four to six people. 

How often does it come? Weekly or fortnightly on Wednesdays.            


How to order Via WeChat store (ID: gomagreens) or visit their website

Epermarket premium vegetable Eperbox

Epermarket premium vegetable Eperbox

You know the popular online expat supermarket, but have you heard about ‘Eperboxes’? You can choose from a full veg box, full fruit or mixed fruits and veggies with the option of going ‘premium’ if you’d prefer all organic picks. 

What’s in the box? More than generous quantities of up to eight types of vegetables, with contents changing week to week. Vegetables come from Eperfarm and other partner farms. 

Who will it feed? Small boxes (200RMB) feed two to three; large boxes (300RMB) feed four to five people. 

How often does it come? Up to three times per week on the days of your choice, with discounts for longer subscriptions. 

How to order Via the Epermarket app or from their website.

Sunshine Box

Sunshine Box

An excellent new edition to the Shanghai veggie box scene, Sunshine Box gets all of their produce from family farms in Western Hunan province, who grow its non-GMO produce without pesticides, herbicides, chemical fertilisers, hormones or antibiotics. You can even add free range eggs and poultry to your box. Plus, all proceeds from each box go right back to the farmers.

What's in the box? An assortment of seasonal veggies, with a varying selection each week. You'll also get some 'extra love' in the form of stories from farmers and their favourite recipes.

Who does it feed? 3-4kg boxes (159RMB) feed two to three people; 5-6kg boxes (189RMB) feed four to five people.

How often does it come? Weekly or fortnightly on Monday afternoons 

How to order Via WeChat store (ID: Urban-Rural-Bridge) or visit the Sunshine Box website.

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