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Top brunches in the city for every budget

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Kaiba Taphouse

Kaiba Taphouse

Casual beer-fuelled brunch with all the simple classics 

Price 148RMB/168RMB sets, or à la carte 
Time 11.30-4pm, Sat-Sun 
Booking Available, but not essential 

Kaiba’s elegant yet casual Taikang Terrace space with a raw wood peaked roof is easily one of our favourite places to unwind on a weekend and their ‘eggs and kegs’ brunch deal makes it all the more alluring. 148RMB gets you free-flow beer (Stella Artois, De Koninck, Vedett or Liefmans), coffee or juice, plus one plate from a list that includes waffles and pancakes, Eggs Benedict, omelettes and breakfast wraps. Upgrade to a main dish for 168RMB. They’re happy for you to jump around between the drinks options if you want to ease your way into the beer and have no problem accommodating fiddly food requests such as switching home fries for mashed potato. 

Although we love the Eggs Benedict (you can pick between smoked salmon or ham), our favourite choice is the homemade sausage and egg plate from their ‘big plates’ menu. Two plump pork sausages are served with two sunny side eggs, a grilled wedge of tomato topped with parmesan, a delicious slice of whole wheat bread and a mound of bacon fried potato cubes and crispy fries. 

It’s indulgent without being overly gluttonous and, once you factor in the drinks, the quality of the food and the pleasant environment, it’s an absolute bargain. 

Kaiba Taphouse, 169 Jianguo Zhong Lu, near Ruijin Er Lu. See full address details



Excellent Eggs Benedict and hearty secondi at this Italian-accented brunch 

Price 118RMB/two courses; 158RMB/ three courses, includes one soda, juice, iced tea or bottomless regular coffee 
Time 11.30am-4pm, Sat-Sun 
Booking Recommended 

Brunch is in the details, and Osteria nails it from starter to finish. From bite-sized biscotti served with each cup of coffee to plate changes between each course, brunch here is a surprisingly quiet affair and never feels like the mass assembled production it’s become at many other spots around town. The only qualm we have is the lack of tipples on offer, but we’re promised they’re in the works.

As a starter the cured salmon, sourced from Dalian and served with delicious swirls of caper mayo, perfectly whets our appetite. Classic Eggs Benedict comes by default with paper-thin prosciutto (the way we like it), spinach, or snow crab.

The superb Hollandaise sauce is buttery but not gloopy or overly rich, so the dish doesn’t leave us feeling like complete gluttons. Secondi options, such as steak and sea bass, are quite hearty for brunch but are still well-balanced plates with a serving of salad with each.

Osteria, 226 Jinxian Lu, near Shaanxi Nan Lu. See full address details



Gourmet Mexicana with plenty of booze 

Price 160-185RMB à la carte 
Time 11am-5pm, Sat-Sun 
Booking Recommended 

One of our go-to brunches, Maya is a consistent crowdpleaser with quality Mexican fare. The pan de maiz huevos benedictos (55RMB) tweaks the traditional Eggs Benedict beautifully, switching bacon and toast for minced chorizo and light, sweet cornbread. The two well-poached eggs are topped with a complex, smoky roasted red pepper Hollandaise.

They’re a little small, but we still love the blackened fish tacos (27RMB each). For bigger appetites, the scrambled egg, chorizo and roast potato breakfast burrito (58RMB) is great too, with or without a hangover. There are also several good vegetarian options, with our pick being the huevos divorciados (50RMB), poached eggs with red and green salsa on refried beans, served with cheese quesadillas and a sour cream, tomato and basil dip.

To drink, it’s hard to pass up regular coffee with two fresh churros (50RMB), and the avocado and ice cream smoothie (40RMB). If you're after something a bit stronger, you can choose from either bottomless margarita (165RMB/person – try the mango) or bottomless sangria (125RMB/person). 

Maya, Second Floor, Grand Plaza Clubhouse, Lane 568, Julu Lu, near Xiangyang Bei Lu

el Willy

el Willy

Super chef Willy Moreno’s reinterpreted Iberian classics 

Price 175RMB/six courses 
Time El Willy: 11.30am-3pm Sat;ElEfante: 11am- 3pm, Sat-Sun 
Booking Recommended 

el Willy’s new Bund 22 location packs them in at dinner but brunch is a quieter affair, and the room has a different air with the cheerful primary colours brightening in the sunlight. Spanish chef Willy Trullas Moreno serves a six-course extravaganza which never gets old: the dishes rotate weekly and Moreno is a master of playful invention and is miles ahead of other Spanish restaurants in the city. 

On one recent Sunday, the menu includes a transparent gazpacho consommé, organic egg cooked at 65C, a superlative Basque clam rice, duck breast and finally a deconstructed pan y chocolate to finish. Wash it all down with a tumbler of Bloody Mary for 55RMB. Moreno’s elEfante, in the beautiful Donghu Lu villa which previously housed el Willy, also offers a constantly updated six-course 175RMB brunch, and unlike el Willy, it’s also open on Sundays. 

el Willy, South Bund 22, 22 Zhongshan Dong Er Lu, near Jinling Lu.

elEfante, 20 Donghu Lu, near Huaihai Lu.

Mr Pancake House

Mr Pancake House

Bargainous laid back favourite 

Price 50-70RMB à la carte 
Time 7.30am-10pm, daily 
Booking Unavailable 

There’s no fancy brunch deal at Mr Pancake House, just a broad menu of breakfast classics, served simply, but with surprisingly high quality given the prices. Both branches are regularly packed, but there’s a new one opening in Minhang soon.

The menu includes Mexican breakfast burritos (48RMB) smothered in sour cream, French toast with scrambled eggs, bacon and home fries (42RMB) and a range of delightfully fluffy pancakes with various toppings (35-40RMB), our favourite of which is the cinnamon apple compote-topped option. Our top pick overall though is the ‘Big House Breakfast’ (45RMB) which comes with two eggs fried or scrambled, a slice of ham, bacon, chicken sausage, crispy fried potato cubes and two pancakes dusted with icing sugar and with maple syrup on the side. Value plates like this keep Mr Pancake ahead of its imitators. 

Mr Pancake House 901 Julu Lu, near Huashan Lu



A surprising brunch steal that you might have missed 

Price 45-60RMB à la carte 
Time 9am-9pm, daily 
Booking Not available; go on a weekday or early on a weekend to avoid the rush. 

Don’t scoff, IKEA’s Xujiahui cafeteria is a great cheap brunch option. It boasts perhaps the best deal we discovered after trying dozens of brunches: their 10RMB mango juice. This generous serving is deliciously thick, sweet and some of the best fresh juice we’ve had at any price (they also have papaya and watermelon). What isn’t a surprise is that the IKEA cafeteria has some duds, like stony cinnamon buns, tough-as-rope sausages and 5RMB bottomless coffee which tastes like it was pressed from aspirin tablets. 

However, IKEA makes our list thanks to the many tasty steals including a salmon platter with dill dressing and a lemon wedge (19.5RMB) which we like to pair with the organic mushroom and cheese stuffed crêpes (14.5RMB). Other good brunch-y dishes are the shrimp and mayo salad (15RMB) with crisp lettuce, cucumber and cherry tomato and the thin but tender steak (32.50RMB) with a choice of sides. The tables and chairs are utilitarian but the wall of windows and high ceilings create a light-filled and surprisingly pleasant brunch spot. 

IKEA, Second Floor, 126 Caoxi Lu, near Zhongshan Xi Lu

Abbey Road

Abbey Road

Super service and European platters 

Price 110RMB set, includes coffee and a small juice, or 80-90 a la carte 
Time 10am-4pm, Sat-Sun 
Booking Recommended for outside tables 

The patio at Abbey Road is prime real estate on a warm autumn Sunday, with the sun streaming through leaves overhead. But what’s most memorable about this casual brunch is the level of service for such an affordable menu. We don’t even ask and everyone is served big glasses of ice water, something one can’t take for granted in this town. A few special requests are served correctly and quickly without the least fuss. A regular coffee (included with the brunch set), which at most places is drip brewed, here is expressed by machine so it has crema and it’s even served with warm frothed milk. 

The Breakfast Club set (110RMB) includes two eggs, two sausages, two rations of bacon, rosti, toast, butter and jam, a small juice plus coffee or tea. The eggs are a bit over-fried, while the sausages and bacon are just medium-grade, but the potato pancake-like rosti, a house specialty, is deliciously greasy and an ideal brunch filler. 

The restaurant also offers the Chef Breakfast (100RMB).This includes three sausages, three eggs, three rations of bacon and toast. 

Abbey Road’s owners have also just launched Geneva with a similar menu near the Shanghai Zoo, another space with a patio serving the same tasty brunch. 

Abbey Road, 3 Taojiang Lu, near Hengshan Lu



Familiar wine bar with affordable Gallic classics 

Price 88RMB-130 RMB sets, includes a fresh juice, add 80RMB for free-flow sparkling wine 
Time 11am-4pm, Sat-Sun 
Booking Available, but not essential 

Weekend brunch at Enoterra’s relaxed French wine bars is refined, good quality and modestly priced. Four sets are on offer, each an adorable individual tray of continental breakfast fare. Portions are perfectly judged and free from much of the fat and excess at other Shanghai brunches. 

There’s even a 'healthy’ option (88RMB) with scrambled eggs, yoghurt and a cheese platter with rye bread and vegetable crudites.Our favourite set is the signature Enoterra brunch (130RMB), packed with elegant Gallic classics including miniature salmon tartare, dainty egg ‘à la coque’ filled with caviar and a buttery quiche, as well as a sizeable cold meat and cheese platter, croissants and homemade yoghurt. 

Enoterra, 53-57 Anfu Lu, near Changshu Lu

The MEAT at Kerry Pudong Hotel

The MEAT at Kerry Pudong Hotel

The mother of all brunches suggested for meat lovers

Price 350RMB/adult, 128RMB/child (4-12) 
Time 11.30am-3pm, Sat and Sun 
Booking Recommended 

You win some, you lose some. Though it was sad to see the cancellation of The COOK’s outstanding brunch, what the Kerry Hotel took with one hand it has given with the other. Their brunch offering now takes place at The MEAT and the quality has not suffered in the transition between the two venues.

Much is actually the same. There may not be the same 12 live kitchens serving up a plethora of options, but parents will be relieved to hear that there remains a mountain of desserts kids can tuck into, including ice creams and not one but two chocolate fountains (milk and white chocolate). The resident clown still strides the isles entertaining the young ones and making balloon animals for them to take home.

What’s changed is the new Sunday brunch offers patrons a selection from an appetizer and dessert buffet, while main courses are à la carte. Unsurprisingly meat dominates and the Wagyu sirloin (395RMB) and hazelnut-crusted rack of lamb (195RMB) are options the restaurant dishes up perfectly. For one of the best traditional fry-ups in the city plum for The MEAT Big Breakfast, consisting of beef steak, pork sausage, fried egg served on toast and roast tomato.

‘We select only the freshest and finest ingredients to create a wide selection of brunch semi-buffet menu options,’ said Otto Goh, the hotel’s Executive Chef. It’s a boast that rings true: nothing we tried tastes like mass-produced buffet food; it’s all carefully made with premium ingredients. Throw in free-flow craft beer, soft drinks, coffee and tea and this is a brunch that’s high on quality and, unlike many other pricey options in the city, worth the price.

The MEAT, Kerry Pudong Hotel, 1388 Huamu Lu, near Fangdian Lu 

Restaurant Ecole Institute Paul Bocuse

Restaurant Ecole Institute Paul Bocuse

Classic indulgent French feast 

Price 320RMB, includes one aperitif. Children under 12 220RMB. All prices plus 6 per cent 
Time 11.30am-4pm, Sun 
Booking Essential 

The students at Paul Bocuse’s Shanghai school serve up brunch under the direction of Federico Duarte, star graduate of the famous Lyon chef’s French school.

The set menu rotates on a weekly basis but Time Out visit the restaurant to give you an idea of whats on offer. 

Brunch begins with bruschetta, a tasty caesar salad with anchovy dressing, cold chargrilled chicken and salami, plus a plate of cold meats – a duck rillette, foie gras, a country-style terrine and thin slices of pastrami. The meats keep piling up with the mains, a wooden board topped with beautifully pink beef Wellington and pork tenderloin (both topped with a few crystals of rock salt), plus a chicken leg cooked in red wine with mushrooms. Alongside are peas (with bacon), buttery mashed potatoes (or potatoey butter – they’re that rich), garlicky sautéed mushrooms, broccoli gratin and juicy salmon in a bath of yet more melted butter. 

Whatever you do, save some arterial space for dessert. Options that roll up to your table may include mango and coffee cakes and a tart lemon meringue pie. Also available is a passionfruit cheesecake with chocolate mousse and a macaron, and what can best be described as a high end Tim Tam – a biscuit base drenched in caramel and covered with dark chocolate.

Restaurant Ecole Institut Paul Bocuse, 379 Baotun Lu, near Zhongshan Nan Lu

Jade on 36

Jade on 36

Visit the five-star kitchen and luxuriate in this exquisite brunch 

Price 758RMB, includes free-flow Champagne. All prices plus 15 per cent 
Time 11.30am-3pm, Sun 
Booking Recommended 

Acess. That’s what you get at this classic five-star brunch which pulls out all the stops. Here, the unique concept is that diners can come right into the kitchen to select their hot dishes which are served to you straight from the stove; later you stride into the wine cellar to select your sumptuous desserts. There’s something beguiling about entering a restaurant’s kitchen, the hallowed space of professionals, and here it lends a special bit of drama to a superior brunch.

Back in the starched white table cloth dining room, there’s also a stupendous cheese trolley set with the finest French fromage, lobster and shellfish of all kinds and appetisers in every colour. Adding to the thrill of the spectacular views, there’s an unlimited flow of Taittinger Champagne, red and white wines, frozen margaritas and lime daiquiris.

At this price, expectations are high, but the exceptional touches here make it one of our very top special occasion brunches.

Jade on 36, 36th Floor, Grand Tower, Pudong Shangri-la, 33 Fucheng Lu, near Minsheng Lu

Vue, Hyatt on the Bund

Vue, Hyatt on the Bund

High priced, but high class brunch 

Price 688RMB, includes free-flow Champagne; price plus 15 per cent 
Time 11.30am-3pm, Sun 
Booking Recommended 

It's expensive, yes, but if you’re looking to brunch in style, it’s hard to beat VUE. It’s a special occasion brunch, and it feels like it. Of course, you get the spectacular views at the top of Hyatt on the Bund, but the price also includes free-flow Perrier Jouet Champagne, with wait staff ensuring that your glass is never even close to empty, and an unlimited choice from a wide range of food stations. There’s a dedicated Bloody Mary counter, chefs preparing made-to-order eggs and risottos, a salad bar, and a full Sunday roast area among the options dotted throughout the restaurant. 

Our advice is to get in early so that you can take full advantage of the free-flow and progress from dishes such as a pleasingly light beef steak tartare on brioche or a refreshing cucumber soup, via delicious plates such as the tiger prawn with Pernod, peppers, zucchini and cream or fresh oysters, up to the heavier options such as the Champagne and truffle risotto or the roast. Just be sure to leave room for desserts such as chocolate mousse and cheesecake, too. 

Vue, Hyatt on the Bund, 30th Floor, West Tower, Hyatt on the Bund, 199 Huangpu Lu, near Dongdaming Lu



Small, but perfectly formed French brunch dishes 

Price 188RMB/three courses, includes a coffee, tea or juice 
Time Midday-2pm, Sat-Sun 
Booking Recommended 

Style altar Cuivre often sashays on to Time Out ‘Best of’ lists (Best fries, Best vegetarian…) and its brunch qualifies for all the reasons we love the rest of Michelin-trained chef Michael Wendling’s menu: it’s quintessential French understatement. 

Options are presented on an iPad and cleave to a tried and tested Southern French formula (rillette, goat’s cheese salad, steak and chips, eggs of every kind). Booze is not included and portions are not large, but the food is irresistible. 

To start, we love the feather-light, fluffy salmon rillette (it’s as good as hoF’s) and the Viennoiseries which are handmade fresh every morning. While the Eggs Benedict turn out to be Eggs Florentine (made with spinach instead of ham), we forgive the misnomer when we taste the velvety, lemony Hollandaise sauce that coats two perfect poachers.

Wash down with Badoit water or a glass of dry white wine to cut through the sinful amount of butter. This might not be a bargain but it’s great value and a gem among the glut of gluttonous brunches out there.

Cuivre, 1502 Huaihai Zhong Lu, near Wulumuqi Zhong Lu



Death by brunch 

Price 170-190RMB à la carte 
Time 11am-4pm, Sat-Sun 
Booking Highly recommended 

Chef Austin Hu’s belligerently bad-for-you brunch seems to have only grown in popularity following his restaurant’s move to Fenyang Lu. It’s popular with good reason, too: Madison offers one of the better à la carte brunch experiences around in its new light-filled dining room. 

A simple, one-page menu still offers just one green salad with mustard vinaigrette (48RMB) which feels like a token inclusion amid the doctor-worrying indulgences. The trick here is to forget about the health implications of dishes such as the double-deep fried duck fat disco fries (58RMB) served with a lip-smacking cheese sauce and more duck fat, and just dive in. 

Top of our must-orders is the French-style scrambled eggs (48RMB), a beautifully runny slew of eggs poured over a clutch of mushrooms and delicious flaky pastry and topped with arugula leaves which combines textures and flavours to fantastic effect. We’re also partial to the crispy refried potato pancake sticks (32RMB) and the fried chicken waffle sandwich (68RMB) with its bacon maple aioli, red onion pickle and a slice of tomato wedged in between two waffles with cheese and breaded chicken. 

The pastries are well-judged, too – try the outstanding croissant (24RMB). From the drinks, the rum-laced Madison lemonade (60RMB) is one of our favourite brunch cocktails. Just be prepared for a slog – this is a fat-filled, unforgiving brunch, albeit an intense guilty pleasure. 

Madison, First Floor, Bldg 2, 3 Fenyang Lu, near Huaihai Zhong Lu

Dining Room, Park Hyatt

Dining Room, Park Hyatt

Utter gourmet luxury among the clouds over Lujiazui

Price 580RMB, included free-flow soft drinks, juice, coffee and tea. Add free-flow Tattinger Champagne for 300RMB. All prices plus 15 per cent
Time 11.30-2.30PM, Sun
Booking Essential

Lobster brunch at The Park Hyatt is a pricey option but it’s an experience fit for royalty with its seemingly infinite array of exquisite dishes, immaculate service and a killer view from the 87th floor of the SWFC.

The sophisticated cook-to-order menu gets you a free-flow of appetisers and main dishes along with the choice of one cold half lobster or seafood starter and one hot half lobster dish plus access to the buffet table. Considering that a whole Boston lobster a la carte goes for 580RMB at dinner, the brunch is excellent value. We recommend the subtle lobster caesar salad and the fresh boiled lobster with gratin Hollandaise. On the appetisers menu are more stunners that one wouldn’t normally see on a free-flow menu such as the morel mushroom risotto topped with a rich helping of foie gras. 

Add in the exquisite spread at the buffet table, including the exquisite velvety rich banana caramel pancakes, one of Time Out's best dishes, and you begin to wish you could stay all day.

Dining Room87th Floor, Park Hyatt Hotel, SWFC, 100 Century Avenue, near Dongtai Lu

Martini brunch at Tables, Portman Ritz Carlton

Martini brunch at Tables, Portman Ritz Carlton

Hairy crab and Moët included at this reliable buffet all-rounder

Price 438RMB, includes soft drinks and other beverages; 558RMB, includes free-flow martinis and Champagne. All prices plus 15 per cent
Time 11.30am-2.30pm, Sun
Booking Recommended for large groups

Set in the hotel’s Tables restaurant, some areas of the Portman Ritz-Carlton's brunch could do with a little sprucing, but, if you know which stations to hit and thanks to their unique tailored martini menu accompanying the food,  this works out as one of the better value hotel brunches.

The strongest suit here is easily the fresh fish counter which offers super-fresh French Fin de Claire oysters alongside Alaskan crab legs, Atlantic lobster and, right now, hairy crab. Also impressive is the sashimi counter, which includes delicious white tuna. 

Another strong draw is the local Shanghai dishes, including the bright Chinese asparagus and prawn in a gingery sauce. Elsewhere, the meat counter offers cuts such as prime rib and lamb. For finishers, there's a kid-pleasing chocolate fondue fountain and one of the broader selections of cheeses we've seen around, which pairs well with a decent glass of Merlot (included).

In addition to its usual spread of Chinese and international dishes and free-flow Champagne, Tables offer a free-flow menu of 13 different martinis, with the whole thing soundtracked by jazzman George Butts (who also gets a zesty orange martini named in his honour). Each month, a new martini will be added to the list (such as an elderflower-infused concoction), resulting in an ever-growing menu of cocktails to accompany brunch. See our pick of the martinis to try here.

Tables, Portman Ritz Carlton, 1376 Nanjing Xi Lu, near Xikang Lu.

The Public

The Public

Update This article is based on brunch at The public's original location on Fuxing Zhong Lu (now closed), the new location is 174 Xiangyang Nan Lu, near Fuxing Zhong Lu. See address details.

Southern comfort and house-cured meats in Sinan Mansions 

Price 190-230RMB à la carte 
Time 11am-2pm, Sat-Sun 
Booking Available but not essential 

This speakeasy-style room with great blues on the stereo is sultry in the evenings but gets a bright new character during the day with sun streaming in the floor-to-ceiling windows and the terrace view overlooking Sinan Mansions. Brunch dishes include Southern-influenced classics such as fluffy French toast (45RMB), with a super moist interior paired with a sadly skimpy portion of warm bourbon banana walnut topping.

We like both the Eggs Florentine (55RMB) with spinach and superb house-made ham and the Salmon Benedict (60RMB) with house-smoked fish which feature stunning wobbly eggs, cooked so gently they are almost translucent. Then there’s the signature chicken and waffles (125RMB), a mountain of their 'famous whey-poached fried chicken' stacked atop a waffle; it’s a big enough portion to share among two or three people. 

But our favourite dish on the whole brunch menu is the decidedly lunch-oriented pastrami sandwich (75RMB) which features the stellar house-cured beef, the best version of pastrami we’ve tried in this country.

For drinks, avoid the French press coffee (25RMB) which tastes like dishwater (we ordered it three times just to make sure) and instead head for cocktails, for which The Public is justly praised, such as the three varieties of Bloody Mary (60RMB) including one with onion-infused vodka and one with bell pepper-infused vodka.

The Public, Fourth Floor, Bldg 1, Sinan Mansion, 507 Fuxing Zhong Lu,

Sir Elly's, The Peninsula

Sir Elly's, The Peninsula

Luxurious brunch set with a beautiful Bund view

Price 280RMB/two courses; 350RMB/three courses; 420RMB/four courses. Add 188RMB for free-flow Champagne, wine, beer and juice. All prices plus 15 per cent 
Time 11am-3pm, Sat-Sun 
Booking Recommended 

This Bund-side brunch kicks off with an amuse bouche, on our visit a nutty ‘grapefruit gazpacho’, before à la carte cold and warm appetisers, mains and dessert. The offerings are a mix of classy takes on brunch staples such as caesar salad with anchovy foam, crispy wafers and a poached egg, and brunchy takes on classy hotel staples, such as sea bass with fennel and roasted pepper, snipped out of a foil steam bag at your table. We especially like the pea soup with mint and poured over goat’s cheese tortellini. 

There are excellent desserts too, like crisp, light waffles with raspberry coulis and blueberries, and Valrhona chocolate ice cream with a ball of cocoa-dusted mousse on a chocolate and caramel plinth.New chef David Chauveau will soon be launching a new autumn/winter menu. Check online for updates.

Sir Elly's , The Peninsula, 13th Floor, The Peninsula Shanghai, 1 Zhongshan Dong Yi Lu, near Beijing Dong Lu 

Zhou's House

Zhou's House

Brunch with a budget pays off at this closed-door supper club 

Price 300-500RMB/person set menu 
Time By appointment only 
Booking Essential, at least one day in advance 

Zhou’s House is a reservation-only dinner club in a 1930s private residence down a small lane just off of Huashan Lu. It was formerly Eduardo Vargas’s Casa 13, then T Club, where it was home to former Collective Concepts executive chef Mark Barr. When he left in the summer, the name was changed again and now the kitchen is headed up by Chinese chef Jack (formerly of Cantina Agave) who uses some of Barr’s Mediterranean dishes with his own. There’s no à la carte for brunch, it’s not cheap, and the venue is far from buzzing – but then again you might enjoy having an entire private villa and patio all to yourself, as it's often empty here at weekends when other brunch spots are full to bursting. 

The dishes, which change by the week, are uniformly excellent. On one visit, we start with an artfully stacked prawn, scallop and mussel seafood salad dressed in a cooling, lightweight tomato sauce. A refreshing, well-balanced apple-carrot soup bears a punchy undertow of ginger and is followed by a fantastic, fine-textured slice of goose-liver foie gras. The main is an unctuous piece of snow-soft, well-seasoned Atlantic cod and crispy pancetta, with a tender, seared scallop topped with bright red lumpfish caviar. By this time, a dish of saffron risotto is probably unnecessary (discuss budget at time of booking); but more welcome is the final course: a rich, gooey chocolate brownie with strawberries, fresh mint and a single Pocky stick. 

Zhou's House, No 13, Lane 1100 Huashan Lu, near Xingguo Lu