Dashijie (The Great World)

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Lim Jia Ying Gayle
1 Xizang Nan Lu
A popular saying amongst Shanghai natives goes: 'If you have yet to visit Shanghai's Dashijie (otherwise known as the Great World), you can hardly say you have been to Shanghai at all.' Built in 1917, the Great World is one of the city's most historic buildings. It was the first (and for a long time the most reputable) indoor amusement park and entertainment complex in Shanghai. Due to the outbreak of the SARS epidemic, the venue closed for business in 2003.

March 2017 marked a new beginning for Dashijie as the building reopens to the public just in time for its centenary. With no lack of places for amusement in Shanghai nowadays, the century old Dashijie is making a comeback as an exhibition centre to showcase intangible cultural heritages from around the world.

The restored 16,800 square metre building comprises of three four storey buildings and two wings. It houses two indoor theatres for plays and folk operas, an outdoor theatre for performances, several exhibition halls, two food halls, a digital hall, a VR hall, a social salon as well as a training centre for cultural classes. Here are 12 things you can do at Dashijie.

By Lim Jia Ying Gayle

Venue name: Dashijie (The Great World)
Opening hours: Mon Tues Thurs, 9am-5pm (last entry at 4pm); Fri and Sat, 9am-9pm (last entry at 8pm); closed on Wed
Admission: 60RMB
Metro: Dashijie
English address: The Great World 1 Xizang Nan Lu, Near Yan'an Lu, Huangpu District.
Chinese address: 上海市黄浦区西藏南路1号,近延安路