Gucun Forest Park

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Photograph: courtesy Gucun Park
1 Huandao Lu

Gucun Park, toward the end of Line 7, features a maze of forests, pathways, lakes and canals that stretch over 1.7 sqkm.

Large landscaped gardens and stretches of water are joined by a kids play park and a range of lake-side barbecue pits. You can rent pits for 2 hours at 150RMB/six people, 480RMB/15 people, including charcoal. Meat and fish (12-15RMB/two skewers) and vegetables (3-6RMB) are available with beer and ice creams, too.

There are inflatable hamster wheels on water (20RMB/eight minutes) and tandem bikes (for three people 50RMB/hr with 300RMB deposit, or for six people 100RMB/hour plus 500RMB deposit) to tour the expansive grounds.

Venue name: Gucun Forest Park
Opening hours: 6am-6pm daily, last entrance at 4.30pm
Admission: 20RMB
Metro: Gucun Park
English address: 1 Huandao Lu, near Zhenhutai Lu, Baoshan district
Chinese address: 宝山区环岛路1号, 近沪太路