Snow Bar

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Fucheng Lu
The Snow Bar by the Lujiazui waterfront is a gimmick, but just about worth it if you’re nearby. Outside, you get given fur-lined North Face parkas before being sent into the tiny blue- and purple-lit room, chilled to minus ten degrees and with a selection of 150 vodkas. Shots aren’t cheap, from 70RMB for flavoured Van Gogh shots (think chocolate and pomegranate) up to 80RMB for Belvedere and 90RMB for more obscure brands like organic Liquid Ice.

Venue name: Snow Bar
Opening hours: 5pm-midnight daily
Metro: Lujiazui
English address: Binjiang One, Fucheng Lu, near Huayuanshiqiao Lu, Pudong
Chinese address: 浦东富城路由隆花园滨江一号, 近花园石桥路