462 Changle Lu

This venue has closed.

Shanghai doesn’t want for places to get a drink. Cocktail drinkers are particularly well-served, which can make getting their attention somewhat difficult. In recent years, a number of bars have attempted to tackle that issue by going the ‘speakeasy’ route, but Tour has a different response: they’re serving drinks that each come accompanied by a small bite to eat. The edible theme is emphasised by a menu that you can also stuff into your mouth (though before you sink your teeth into the industrial chic walls or metallic furniture, that’s as far as it goes).

The bar’s name is derived from the ‘tours’ that they offer of their expansive spirit selection; you choose your poison (say, gin or rum) and the staff put together a little journey through their favourites. Prices for these trips start from around 100RMB, but naturally escalate depending on how deep you want to delve into the more rarefied end of their collection.

Most visitors though are ordering from that edible cocktail menu. Before you tear off strips to wrap around the dips provided, you’ll find a selection of six drinks on offer, taking in more familiar options such as the whisky sour (85RMB) featured in our cover feature and negroni (80RMB, served with a grilled cheese sandwich), and intriguing concoctions such as the Pata Negra (95RMB), which blends fat-washed bourbon with sugar and angostura bitters and is joined by a roll of Iberico ham.

Gimmicky? Maybe a touch, but while your first few orders will have you and your fellow drinkers sat in silence for a few minutes while you all upload images to your WeChat moments, what will keep you coming back is the fact that the drinks are well-mixed, the paired snacks are tasty and the general feel is of a refreshingly unpretentious place to enjoy a quality drink.

By Jake Newby

Venue name: Tour (CLOSED)
Opening hours: 7pm-2am Tue-Sun
English address: 104-105 Bldg E, United Valley, 462 Changle Lu, near Shaanxi Nan Lu, Huangpu district
Chinese address: 黄浦区长乐路462号集社E104-105室, 近陕西南路