Perry's (Huaihai Zhong Lu)

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Photographs: courtesy Perry's via WeChat
Photographs: courtesy Perry's via WeChat
Photographs: courtesy Perry's via WeChat
1333 Huaihai Zhong Lu
Perry’s. It’s a Shanghai institution. Causing bucket-induced hangovers since 2011, there are now 17 Perry’s venues littered across town, and the flagship dive on Huaihai Lu is downright raucous. At least it was on our Friday night visit, where hedonists were spilling out of the third-floor bar onto the stairs. The music policy seems to be an evolving beast, now spouting modern hip-hop and Michael Jackson – dare we say good music – rather than the Katy Perry and wedding sing-alongs of old. It’s near guaranteed fun, but be warned: too many alco-buckets here will leave you in need of buckets for another reason the next day.
Venue name: Perry's (Huaihai Zhong Lu)
Opening hours: Mon-Sun, 5pm-3.30am
WeChat: perryscafe
Metro: Changshu Lu
English address: Third Floor, 1333 Huaihai Zhong Lu, near Baoqing Lu, Xuhui district
Chinese address: 徐汇区淮海中路1333号3楼,近宝庆路