The Camel (CLOSED)

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1 Yueyang Lu

This venue has closed.

The Camel is one of the best places to watch sports in Shanghai with screens everywhere and the ability to show every major sporting event, regular happy hours (until 8pm daily) and a weekly pub quiz.
Drinks-wise, the bar has eight draught beers, from Carslberg (40RMB) to Hoffenbrau (60RMB) as well as Strongbow cider (60RMB). There’s plenty of bottles too, from Tsingtao (35RMB) to James Boag’s (45RMB). For the classier sports fan, there’s a modest range of wines (35-45RMB by the glass, 180-340RMB by the bottle) and a page of interesting special cocktails (all 55RMB).

The menu of pub grub classics has recently received an upgrade with the introduction of a new chef, with smart takes on standards such as fish and chips, burgers, club sandwiches and other things with chips.
Venue name: The Camel (CLOSED)
Opening hours: 4pm-2am daily
Metro: Changshu Lu
English address: 1 Yueyang Lu, near Dongping Lu, Xuhui district
Chinese address: 岳阳路1号, 近东平路