Museum of Illusions

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Photograph: courtesy Museum of Illusions
168 Jiujiang Lu
Let your eyes see things that your brain can’t comprehend at this Museum of Illusions, with rooms such as Rotated Room where you can't tell which side is up, Ames Room where sizes makes no sense, Infinity Room, Clone Table, Anti-gravity Room and many more.
Venue name: Museum of Illusions
Opening hours: 10am-10pm (Jun-Aug); 10am-9pm (Sep-May)
Admission: 158RMB; 138RMB (under 12 years); 454RMB (2 adults
English address: Second Floor, Carlowitz & Co., 168 Jiujiang Lu, near Jiangxi Zhong Lu, Huangpu district
Chinese address: 九江路168号