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Photograph: courtesy YellowKorner
376 Wukang Lu
If you’re looking to take some high-quality art home with you without breaking the bank, pick up gorgeous photographs at the Shanghai outpost of YellowKorner, a global gallery first founded in Paris in 2006 and now has almost 100 locations all over the world. Displaying and selling limited- edition art photographs from renowned photographers, here you’ll see works from the likes of Damien Dufresne, Arno Elias and Chinese photographer Yang Bin. It has a smaller space at 201 Anfu Lu as well.

Venue name: YellowKorner
Opening hours: 10am-7pm (Mon-Fri); 10am-8pm (Sat-Sun)
Metro: Shanghai Library
English address: Ferguson Lane, 376 Wukang Lu, near Taian Lu.
Chinese address: 武康路376号,近太安路