Tera Wellness

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501 Zhangyang Lu

Tera Wellness gyms are ten-a-penny around Shanghai; this is one of the most frequently chosen gym options here in Shanghai due to branches being so close to home/work/your favourite bar. We visit the Zhangyang Lu edition of the Tera Wellness chain given its proximity to the Time Out office. It’s small, basic and largely unremarkable – except for the price of its annual membership which earns its inclusion in our round-up, an extremely reasonable 2,700RMB. It’s also clean, in good condition, and generally does the job for its clientele, most of whom work nearby.

Along with the standard gym equipment and machines, there are kettlebells and ropes, a boxing ring, and a studio space which hosts a variety of classes including lunch-time yoga sessions. Changing rooms, meanwhile, are equipped with mini saunas, and that’s pretty much your lot extras-wise. Staff and personal trainers seem to be in abundance, although most don’t speak English.

How much? 2,700RMB a year for single-club membership; 3,000RMB for multi-club in selected in Pudong gyms.

Venue name: Tera Wellness
Opening hours: 10am-10pm daily
Metro: Shangcheng Lu
English address: Eighth Floor, Times Square, 501 Zhangyang Lu, near Pudong Nan Lu, Pudong district
Chinese address: 浦东张扬路501号时代广场8楼, 近浦东南路