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Photographs: courtesy Jiahui Wellness Center
Photographs: courtesy Jiahui Wellness Center
Photographs: courtesy Jiahui Wellness Center
148 Qinghai Lu
Wellness is more than just eating right, seeing a doctor when you’re under the weather or carving out time for self-care now and then. It’s a delicate balance of a lot of things, and it’s not always easy to strike that balance just right, especially in Shanghai where life can feel non-stop. Jiahui Wellness, a recently opened all-in-one health centre in Jingan, gives patients resources to manage all of these, all under one roof. While the company’s international hospital and clinics provide care for those who are sick, Jiahui Wellness promotes health in the first place.


Located just behind HKRI Taikoo Hui, there are no physicians here (save for special cases when Jiahui doctors will make a trip out to see a patient). Three floors consist of a small gym, yoga and meditation spaces; private rooms for mental health and nutrition counselling; and a test kitchen for cooking workshops.

On the first visit, new patients are given an introductory assessment on their general state of health, daily lifestyle habits and family medical history. Based on these results and a patient’s own concerns, Jiahui helps put together an individualised wellness management plan.


Trying to kick unhealthy eating habits? Jiahui’s onsite nutritionist will help put together a realistic meal plan and teach you how to make practical recipes. Need to shed a few extra pounds? The centre has an intimate gym where you can work with trainers and get involved in yoga classes. Dealing with stress from relocating abroad? The centre’s counsellors provide individual, couple’s and family therapy (from 1,200RMB per session).

The centre also has packages for those with specific concerns, including a three-month programme designed to help smokers quit (2,800RMB) which involves one-on-one counselling, and the Great in 28 Days package (5,500RMB), a combo of counselling, nutrition workshops and an exercise plan to help kickstart positive habits so you can get on living your best life.
Venue name: Jiahui Wellness Center
Opening hours: 9am-6pm daily
English address: 148 Qinghai Lu, near Weihai Lu, Jingan District.
Chinese address: 青海路148号,近威海路