New Star, Tianshan Lu

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Photograph: courtesy New Star
1900 Tianshan Lu
The second branch of New Star spa is a bigger, more Chinese-friendly version of the original and brilliant Gubei-based Korean spa. There are more and larger pools, plus a more expansive post-bath relaxation area with 'hobbit house' heat rooms (going up to over 70C), an ice room (-10C), a cinema showing recent-ish films such as Duncan Jones' Moon (2009), plus a nail salon and a large upstairs restaurant serving Korean classics. This version also features larger 'pizza oven' caves with their own TV screens and an oxygen bar.

Whereas the Gubei branch is mostly inhabited by Korean and Japanese families quietly padding around the serene upstairs area, this new branch is more popular with Chinese families and is a bit more raucous. A stall selling boiled eggs inside the relaxation area gives the whole place an odd smell and the gentle white pyjamas have been replaced with orange and pink numbers.
Venue name: New Star, Tianshan Lu
Opening hours: 24 hours
Admission: 88RMB
Metro: Yanan Xi Lu
English address: 1900 Tianshan Lu, Yanan Xi Lu, Changning district
Chinese address: 长宁区天山路1900号, 近延安西路