• Nightlife
  • Nightlife
Photograph: courtesy RED ROOM
758 Julu Lu
As the name suggests there’s a lot of red swirling around this lively dark club inside Julu 758. RED ROOM however, is more than just eye-catching décor – it’s a hip-hop driven venue that hosts a diverse line-up of emerging and veteran acts from the genre, both local and international, live on a weekly basis. Only 150 people can squeeze in here so the dancefloor action is snug and close-quarters, while the crowd tends to veer on the classy side, sipping on champagne - or downing shots when things start to heat up.
Venue name: RED ROOM
Opening hours: 10.30pm-4am daily
WeChat: redroomfrontdesk
Metro: Jingan Temple
English address: Third Floor Building 5, 758 Julu Lu, Near Fumin Lu, Jingan district
Chinese address: 巨鹿路758号园区内5号楼3F,近富民路