Oha Café (CLOSED)

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80 Yanqing Lu

This venue has closed.

The new Oha Café is on Anfu Lu under the same name but with a different concept.

With interiors that look straight out of the pages of Vogue Living, Oha Café - under the same ownership as Xingguo Lu cocktail hang out Bar No. 3 - manages to be simultaneously chic and welcoming.

Adorning the intimate ground floor space is a mix of freshly-cut flowers, coffee table books and a bright chandelier. A large window looks out over a small tiled courtyard where a handful of outdoor seats are sheltered from the buzz of the up-and-coming Yanqing Lu by high red brick walls and a selection of potted plants.

Towards the back of the cafe, a long island table turns into a kitchen bench where the resident pastry chef busies over lovingly and methodically prepared desserts such as a delicate deconstructed lemon tart (58RMB) and a fragrant and spicy ‘swamp cake’ (46RMB). The former is served in a tall wooden cone-shaped bowl with French meringue and crumble, and the latter on slate with chocolate sponge, ginger mascarpone cream, pear slices, pistachio and a syringe of Grand Marnier. Both are delicious.

The drinks menu includes a creamy but slightly bitter latte (40RMB) and a luscious Chinese red tea (45RMB), as well as a selection of wines at relatively reasonable prices (58RMB a glass of Chilean sauvignon blanc from Las Condes; 248RMB a bottle). Although the space has the capacity to feel a little too much like you’ve snuck into some well-heeled resident’s living room, we like it all the same.

Venue name: Oha Café (CLOSED)
Opening hours: 9.30am-6pm Tue-Sun
Metro: Changshu Lu
English address: 80 Yanqing Lu, near Changshu Lu, Xuhui district
Chinese address: 徐汇区延庆路80弄,近常熟路