Café del Volcán, Yongkang Lu

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80 Yongkang Lu
Café del Volcán is a tiny but perfect café where a roasting machine takes up a significant amount of potential table real estate - illustrating that Volcán prioritises great coffee above all. Just as much care has been taken with the interior design as with the coffee, with soothing latte-coloured walls and three box-like tables inside plus one outside.

Opened by a German coffee aficionado with an IT background, Volcán’s menu is all coffee - tea drinkers go elsewhere - the only alternative is a bottle of San Pellegrino (20RMB). As for food, there are waffles and cakes, and importantly, the ubiquitous but irresistible Strictly Cookies at a good price (10RMB).

You can have your coffee made by machine in the usual espresso (18RMB/single; 26RMB/double), macchiato (24RMB), Americano (28RMB), latte (32RMB) and cappuccino (30RMB) varieties. Or you can select pour over or French press, and choose beans from the mild Yunnan Baoshan (26RMB), strong and slightly fruity Ethiopia Sidamo (36RMB), strong and smoky Guatemala (42RMB) or full-bodied and robust Sumatra (36RMB).

The scent is so intensely aromatic when the server opens the jar of freshly roasted beans and places the French press on the table (with strict instructions to wait for the timer before plunging), you feel partially sated just by the smell. As for the taste, while there’s no accompanying sugar or milk here (although you can ask for it), you probably won’t want to add anything to coffee this good.
Venue name: Café del Volcán, Yongkang Lu
Opening hours: 8am-8pm Mon-Fri, 10am-8pm Sat-Sun
Metro: Shaanxi Nan Lu
English address: 80 Yongkang Lu, Xiangyang Nan Lu, Xuhui district
Chinese address: 徐汇区永康路80号, 近襄阳路