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Photograph: Yang Xiaozhe
71 Yunnan Nan Lu

This classic shengjian bao joint was opened back in the 1930s by Tang Miaoquan and was originally known as Dahuchun Mantou. One of the city’s most famous dumpling spots, you’ll often find long queues here (though with Xiao Shaoxing and Xian De Lai on the same street as this branch, you at least have alternatives). We love Dahuchun for its no-nonsense menu prices. You can pick up four pork shengjian for 6RMB, or four pork and shrimp shengjian for 12RMB. The store is clean and nicely designed, with wooden furniture laid out below red lanterns. You can also order your soup on the side, meaning you’re less likely to squirt bao juice everywhere.

Key dishes The shengjian bao don’t need much introduction here, with a succulent and juicy pork filling available at 6RMB for four (鲜肉 生煎, xian ròu sheng jian), or a mixed pork and shrimp filling (大虾鲜肉生煎, dà xia xian ròu sheng jian) at 12RMB for four. Delicious, affordable and wonderfully unhealthy.

Venue name: Dahuchun
Opening hours: 8am-8pm daily
Metro: Dashijie
English address: 71 Yunnan Nan Lu, near Jinling Dong Lu, Huangpu district
Chinese address: 大壶春黄浦区云南路71号, 近金陵东路