Hai Di Lao, Putuo

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1868 Tongchuan Lu
This ever-packed Sichuan-style hotpot chain is rightly legendary for its service, which involves everything from free shoe shines and manicures while you wait (and you will wait) to noodles that come with a kung fu performance. So it's easy to forget how good the hotpot actually tastes - from the specialty beef balls (39RMB) and mutton coils (36RMB) to streaky pork (32RMB), scallops (30RMB), oysters (32RMB) and special mushrooms, it's all fresh and top quality. The fact that the lime-green-uniformed waitstaff treat you like kings as they serve it up is what makes it a genuinely entertaining evening.
Venue name: Hai Di Lao, Putuo
Opening hours: 10am-3am daily
Mobile: 5276 5363
Metro: Zhenru
English address: 1868 Tongchuan Lu, near Zhenguang Lu, Putuo district
Chinese address: 铜川路1868号,近真光路