Holy Cow, Changning

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Photograph: courtesy Holy Cow
341 Tianshan Lu
One of Shanghai’s finest hotpot restaurants, Holy Cow is our go-to choice for a great value and exceptional-quality beef hotpot. Using never-frozen beef from Dalian yellow cattle, there’s a variety of cuts – 18 in total – from fatty filet mignon to ribeye, to shank. There’s also a variety of meat and fish balls, as well as fresh vegetables and the unmissable xiaolongbao. Given how fresh the produce is here, sauce isn’t a requirement, but certainly justifies the indulgence. Mix your favourites together with confidence; we’re yet to find a wrong combination. For the broth, we recommend a half-half pot of spicy, and clear beef broth (MSG and additive free).
Venue name: Holy Cow, Changning
Opening hours: 11am-11pm daily
Metro: Weining Lu
English address: Room 302A, Third Floor, Building 1, Bingo Mall, 341 Tianshan Lu, near Weining Lu, Changning district
Chinese address: 长宁区天山路341号302A,近威宁路