Midnight Burger

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97 Xiangyang Bei Lu
The following review is of the original Midnight Burger on 785-3 Huashan Lu that has since relocated to 97 Xiangyang Bei Lu.

What does Shanghai need another burger joint for? No, really – the same could be said for the world and yet the burgers keep on coming and no one is protesting. There is always room for another one. It’s essentially a law of physics.

At the edge of the Former French Concession, where Changle Lu meets Huashan Lu, Shanghai has its newest. A spot where Flo Rida’s ‘My House’ gets played twice in a row by customer request, Midnight Burger has seating for a dozen and offers ‘thug flavors that punch hard n don’t apologize’, if you’ll believe the graffiti on the wall.

Sure, that cute claim turns out to be an overstatement – not to spoil the surprise – but at under 50RMB, we’re not arguing too hard. The Midnight Burger (45RMB) is a simple affair, recalling the days before foie-gras-adorned patties – beef, cheese, lettuce, tomato and onion. With its curious name, the Bean Curd Chicken Burger (45RMB) is intriguing. It’s juicy in all the right ways, which we later learn, comes from a spell marinating in the same brine used for fermented tofu. It’s unconventional and we’re into it.

But come for the third in the short menu’s trio of burgers: the Sweet Potato Quinoa Burger (40RMB) is a patty made of spinach, quinoa, lentils, sweet potato and a kick of fresh mint. It may fall apart in your hands but you’ll be picking up the pieces to pop right into your mouth.

We might not travel across town for a burger here, but Midnight Burger is a solid addition to the neighborhood. Just only go looking to crush those those late-night midnight munchies on the weekend – weekdays, they close at 11pm.
Venue name: Midnight Burger
Metro: Shaanxi Nan Lu
English address: 97 Xiangyang Bei Lu, near Xinle Lu, Xuhui district
Chinese address: 徐汇区襄阳北路97号,近新乐路