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20 666 Haiyang West Road
Artyzen NEW BUND 31 Shanghai is unique in that the hotel contains an 'immersive social hub' called Shanghai Modern. Located on Level L, the space encompasses a variety of restaurant concepts and sophisticated event venues. Get to know the layout before checking in:

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Step into the extraordinary world of Shanghai Modern, where traditional and modern collide in a culinary fusion that transcends boundaries. This unique establishment combines a modern European grill with Asian influences, showcasing a vibrant and progressive culinary landscape that pushes the limits of traditional cooking. This innovative approach to cuisine positions us as a culinary frontrunner in Shanghai and beyond.

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As the day turns into the afternoon, find yourself in the Shanghai Modern Lounge – a wonderful choice for relaxation. Indulge in freshly baked pastries and speciality drinks served in an intimate setting adorned with custom bronze lattice and glowing ball pendants. Venture towards the Secret Garden, a hidden oasis where lush greenery meets the elegance of Afternoon Tea under a captivating canopy.

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As night falls, the Shanghai Modern Tapas Bar comes alive. Travel back in time to old Shanghai with the special hotel evening ritual and experience the wonderful nights full of charm, sipping classic cocktails on a spacious patio, while relishing Asian-inspired small sharing plates. It's not just dining; it's a lifestyle experience that blends chic trends with warm hospitality.

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Meetings and Events Spaces: Cube and Circle
Artyzen NEW BUND 31 Shanghai’s social hub extends to its meticulously designed meetings and events spaces – Cube and Circle. These geometrically inspired venues redefine sophistication and exclusivity, offering an ideal setting for intimate social gatherings.


Cube, a 90 square metres glass box with plenty of natural light with a 3.9 metres high ceiling, is an elegant stage for glamorous cocktail receptions, fostering socializing, networking, and lasting impressions. Meanwhile, Circle, a 120-square-meter pillarless rotunda hall with a soaring 6-meter ceiling, is not just a venue; its destination within a destination defines the entire Level L. Circle hosts grand events, from media and VIP preview gatherings to exclusive interviews in adjacent private rooms. It's a showcase of innovation and sophistication.


The versatility of these spaces creates cherished moments for all kinds events from to intimate settings. This space can connect with two salons with open terrace and scenic garden to provide an expansive and picturesque backdrop. Furthermore, the outdoor bar counter and barbecue facilities is perfect setting for a relaxed yet stylish celebration.


Artyzen NEW BUND 31 Shanghai is more than a physical space; it's an experiential journey where culinary artistry and versatile event venues converge to redefine modern luxury lifstyle.
Venue name: Artyzen NEW BUND 31 Shanghai
English address: 20, 666 Haiyang West Road