Secret Bagel

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Photograph: courtesy Secret Bagel
286 Fengxian Lu
So, what’s the secret? These bagels use a recipe handed down to owner Tian Tao by a 78-year-old Jewish baker, who’d been making bagels his whole life, survived the Holocaust and spoke only Yiddish, teaching Tao through a combination of pointing and Google Translate.
Secret Bagel offers a few classic options alongside whackier flavours – sesame or sea salt bagels can be paired with smoked salmon or roast beef. Alternatively, live a little with an Oreo or chocolate-flavoured bagel. And yes, for all the trendy kids out there, they do have rainbow bagels.
Venue name: Secret Bagel
Opening hours: 8am-10pm
English address: 286 Fengxian Lu, near Jiangning Road
Chinese address: 奉贤路286号