Hope Primary School

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214 Kunshan Lu
This hole in the wall in Hongkou is the most out-and-out school-themed restaurant in the city. Where other eateries are satisfied with a few enamel plates and old books on the shelves to induce nostalgia, the main space at Hope is decorated just like a classroom. A blackboard topped by the traditional message ‘Good good study, day day up!’ occupies one wall while diners sit on school chairs and peruse mock exam-style (Chinese-only) menus at student desks.

If you’re in more of a slacker mood, there’s an area where you can play retro video games, while the small front room has comfortable seating and less of an overt classroom theme (plus a small counter where you can buy your own retro goodies, from T-shirts to sweets).

The food largely consists of school canteen-style dishes such as tins of fried noodles (8RMB) and breaded pork cutlets (10RMB), meaning it’s not exactly high end, but neither are the prices.

By Crystyl Mo

Venue name: Hope Primary School
Opening hours: Open 11am-9pm daily
Metro: Sichuan Bei Lu
English address: 214 Kunshan Lu, near Zhapu Lu, Hongkou district
Chinese address: 虹口区昆山路214号, 近乍浦路