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204 Xinle Lu

A sweet addition to the eateries surrounding the Donghu Lu/Fumin Lu confluence, Gracie's ice cream is available within Al's Diner, where at the back of the store a seductive case of frozen treats exerts the pull of a super-magnet.

Each gorgeous, artisanal ice cream is bold and dense. From white chocolate-ginger to half-baked cookie dough to miso-caramel, the flavours and ingredients are unmistakably pure. The balsamic strawberry-buttermilk ice cream stars strawberries from Chongming; a family-run farm in Yunnan supplies raw black sesame, which is roasted and ground by hand on-site for the black sesame-honey ice cream. Although 50RMB will only get you two modest scoops, the quality merits the splurge.

The sundaes, too, are delightfully decadent. Two scoops of dark chocolate cherry and a mound of vanilla bean form the ice cream base of the cherry cheesecake parfait (88RMB). The combination is topped with crumbled Graham crackers, hand-whipped cream, Amarena cherries and a rich sauce made with Philadelphia cream cheese. The mouth-watering concoction drips down the sides of the bowl. A satisfyingly nostalgic treat is the Gracie’s banana split (108RMB), a more manageable portion than the hefty price tag suggests.

Gracie’s deserves repeat visits for its luscious ice cream (delivery is also available).

Venue name: Gracie's
Mobile: 185 2105 7450
Metro: Shaanxi Nan Lu
English address: 204 Xinle Lu, near Donghu Lu, Xuhui district
Chinese address: 徐汇区新乐路204号,近东湖路