Wu Lao Guo

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Photograph: courtesy Wu Lao Guo
2 Hengshan Lu

Hailing from Taiwan, Wu Lao Guo is perennially busy, and when the giant duo pot of medicinal broth arrives at your table, you’ll start to understand why. The ‘health pot’ bases here are brimming with all kinds of spices, chilli, tofu and red dates - a real feast for the taste buds. You can get either the ‘Wulao spicy aromatic pot’ or the ‘healthy creamy tofu pot’ base for 98RMB per small table or 168RMB per large table, but we recommend getting a house special twin pot for an additional 30RMB.

To add to the already flavoursome broth, there’s plenty of beef (98RMB for flat iron), lamb (58RMB) and pork (58RMB for shoulder). There’s also an array of fresh seafood (from 16RMB scallops) and vegetables, plus numerous varieties of tofu (from 15RMB) including a tasty ‘ice cream tofu’ option. We recommend you skip the assorted dumplings (42RMB), which are light on taste and high on starch, and instead order the super tasty meatballs (78RMB for 10), as well as the mixed mushroom plate (58RMB). Although on the pricey side, we love Elixir Health Pot, and so does the rest of Shanghai, it appears - their windows aren’t permanently fogged up for nothing.

Venue name: Wu Lao Guo
Opening hours: 11am-4am daily
Metro: Changshu Lu
English address: 2 Hengshan Lu, near Dongping Lu, Xuhui district
Chinese address: 鼎王无老锅:徐汇区衡山路2号, 近东平路