C-787 (CLOSED)

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Lane 289 Huxing Lu

This venue has closed.

Everyone loves eating on a plane, right? That seems to be the premise behind C-787, the latest aircraft-inspired F&B venue to land in Shanghai, following previous efforts A390 at Super Brand Mall and D10 Ultra Lounge, both of which crashed not long after take off. Situated in an expansive Minhang shopping plaza, this fourth-floor restaurant features walls lined with small oval windows and a dining room that glows blue along neon-lit aisles. Staff dressed as flight attendants and pilots clear dishes onto pushcarts. It’s fair to say that ambience is not a strong point at C-787.

The menu is broadly Chinese fare, listed on a laminated and colour-coded sheet made to look like an aircraft safety card. Dishes include mapo tofu (18RMB), Hunan-style pork (28RMB) and Hainan chicken (36RMB). Pan-Asian offerings, like Thai chicken (28RMB), kimchi (18RMB) and Japanese-style seaweed salad (18RMB) also find their way into the mix. Though it’s marginally better than a China Eastern meal, food at C-787 is unlikely to take you to new culinary heights, with the fare mainly alternating between mediocre or inedible.

A more playful environment would compensate for the sub-par grub, but dull vibes render C-787 a flight worth missing.
Venue name: C-787 (CLOSED)
Opening hours: Open 9am-9pm daily
Metro: Qibao
English address: Fourth Floor, Bldg B, Shunheng Plaza, Lane 289, Huxing Lu, near Qixin Lu, Minhang district
Chinese address: 闵行区沪星路289弄顺恒广场B座4楼, 近七莘路