hoF, Lujiazui

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1318 Lujiazui Huan Lu
hoF doesn’t buy into a traditional breakfast menu and avoids eggs or flour, that is, unless they come mixed together to create one of the decadent cakes available in their display cabinet. This is the place to head if you’re in the mood for coffee and cake and have some cash to splash.

The dancing latte (36RMB), a layered frothed milk and coffee combination topped with pop rocks is a fun morning beverage; pair it with a generous slice of rich, moist chocolate walnut fudge brownie (40RMB) and try not to think of how much of your calorie count you’ve managed to devour before lunch.
Venue name: hoF, Lujiazui
Opening hours: 11am-11pm Mon-Sat
Metro: Lujiazui
English address: Basement 1 DBS Building, 1318 Lujiazui Huan Lu, near Dongyuan Lu, Lujiazui district
Chinese address: 陆家嘴环路1318号B1楼, 近东园路