Mulan Huage Furniture (CLOSED)

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105 Sanlin Lu

This venue has closed.

UPDATE: As of spring 2016, Mulan Huage has relocated to Sanlin Lu (find the full address under the 'details' tab) and is no longer the charmingly ramshackle junkyard of old. Instead, it's a more curated, relatively sanitised version in a warehouse space, but there are still some gems to be found at the new premises.

Commonly referred to as an antiques market or a curio shop, Mulan Huage is more akin to a junkyard, with teetering towers of wooden chairs and tables looming over old tea leaf tins in various states of corrosion and piles of Buddhas, often lying separately from their heads. Located in a small industrial estate beside Lingzhao Xincun metro station, it’s a chaotic, dust-cloaked mess of furniture and household collectibles that in places is almost impossible to navigate, but therein lies its beauty.

How much value you find in Mulan Huage’s oddball collection relies entirely on your mindset: to some, the cluttered layout only serves to reinforce the impression that the large hangar-like space is full of junk; to others, it’s worth spending a few hours sifting through the dusty jumble in search of something unique.

Should you hit upon something you want to take home, prices are reasonable too. Tea leaf tins of the sort that Jonas Design turn into clocks are available from 40RMB, depending on size and corrosion, small jewellery boxes hand-painted with the characters for double happiness are around 60RMB and bird cages start at 100RMB. More expensive items are available too – a large teak chest of drawers has an asking price of 800RMB and a double-headed gramophone is available for 2,300RMB. Bargaining is advised, but bear in mind that you can ask Mr Sun, who runs Mulan Huage, for repairs, fresh licks of paint and even home delivery for your purchases.

Venue name: Mulan Huage Furniture (CLOSED)
Opening hours: 8.30am-5.30pm daily
Mobile: 137 0163 3804
Metro: Lingzhao Xincun
English address: Mulan Huage Jiaju, 105 Sanlin Lu near Lingzhao Lu, Pudong
Chinese address: 浦东新区三林路105号,近凌兆路