Neon Children's Market

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10 Puan Lu
It’s not glamorous, and like all the city’s markets, be it Fake or Fabric, the Neon Children’s Market is frequently clogged with people and stalls. But for a one-stop shop, this subterranean Puan Lu spot is hard to beat. Whether it’s a bike, a foam-bullet shooting Nerf gun, a Barbie doll, a model car, it’s all here. Some shops are more like warehouses, metal shelves stacked high with goods, but the upshot is an excellent range. Don’t expect any price tags on any of the toys; instead, bring your haggling A-game as the prices are all negotiable, meaning you make some decent savings compared to shops in Shanghai’s malls.

Another bonus to visiting the Neon Children’s Market are the distractions for kids. There are various mini carousels and kids rides for them to enjoy. Even better is the – to give its full name – Neon Children’s Playground House (open 10am-6pm, Mon-Fri; 10am-7pm weekends). It costs 35RMB/child and an extra 10RMB if an adult wishes to accompany them in. The play area features the usual mix of ball pools, slides and space to run around in. It looks like a slightly more tardy version of Kerry Parkside’s Adventure Zone. Yet, while it doesn’t meet those high standards, it’s certainly much cheaper and gifts parents a pit stop if they’ve just been dragged through numerous stores looking for that ideal toy.

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Venue name: Neon Children's Market
Opening hours: 9:30am-8pm daily
Mobile: (021) 53836218
Metro: Dashijie
English address: 10 Puan Lu, near Jinling Lu, Xuhui district
Chinese address: 徐汇区普安路10号, 近金陵路